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The Royal Horse of England - Bolsover Castle

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As we enter a new era of history in England, immerse yourself in the drama, romance, tragedy and comedy of life as these inspiring horses, riders and performers bring to light the stories of our past.

The stories of how the horse became our charger in battle, our dance partner in leisure and our companion in life. How, with foresight and endeavours of Royalty and nobility the horse grew and became a part of our everyday life.

In this wonderful theatrical performance, you will see beautiful horses step out of the pages of history as the stories unfold, showcasing England's history through this classical art form.

Want something more? Why not enjoy a delicious lunch after the show in the onsite restaurant! Lunch will be served from 7:00pm - 9:00pm.

Ticket holders to arrive no later than 5pm to be seated by 6pm.

Address: Bolsover Castle, Castle St, Bolsover, Chesterfield S44 6PR


The Royal Horse Of England

5.0 United Kingdom, United Kingdom
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The Royal Horse of England - the first equestrian theatre company in the United Kingdom to be dedicated to art of historical horsemanship.

Recreating the culture of equestrian theatre, bringing you drama, romance and humour. The audience will feel emotionally involved with the closeness of the horses and performance.

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