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Trick Riding Lesson - Group

5.0 Warwick International School of Riding, United Kingdom Verified Listing


  • The Knights of Middle England have a 72-hour cancellation policy. Lessons cancelled with more than 72 hours notice can be re-arranged. If less than 72 hours notice is given then unfortunately the booking/lesson is forfeited.

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  • Activity OMG! Horse
  • Activity Type Hourly(01:00)
  • Category Group,
  • Riding Ability Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Strong Intermediate, Advanced,
The art of performing stunts & gymnastic manoeuvres on the back of a moving horse, Trick Riding is one of the highest adrenaline activities you can do on horseback, but where did it come from?

The Ukrainian Cossacks were the original trick riders who used their skills as a weapon to hide from their enemies during battle. When they were forced out of Russia many travelled to the United States where they used their talents to make money becoming a part of the entertainment community.

Today trick riders around the world perform exciting adrenaline filled displays as part of stunt shows, equestrian theatrical performances & more!

The Knights of Middle England with our experienced & qualified instructors offer lessons for all levels – from those who want to give this exciting and unique discipline a try just for fun, all the way through to training for trick riders who are working at a professional level in the industry.

Trick Riding lessons also offer a great cross-discipline training opportunity for riders looking to improve their balance, confidence and stability & stickability on the back of a moving horse!

Your first trick riding session will start on our vaulting barrel – this is a great way to get you introduced to the specially designed trick riding saddle, and how to move around on the saddle before we introduce the horse.

Then, once you’ve got the hang of a few simple moves, it’s time to move onto one of our trained horses on the lunge and give it a go on the move! Starting in walk and trot we begin with simple leg overs getting you moving around the saddle and the horse to then building the moves or tricks up as you safely gain confidence and speed.

Over a series of lessons you will then progress through the levels of different tricks from wings, hangs, drags and stands, and of course Vaulting on and off the horse while on the move!

For those wanting to progress their training even further – once you have learned a series of tricks in canter on the lunge, it’s time to progress to trick riding off the lunge in the arena! And run free on a circle on one of our trained schoolmaster trick horses allowing you to feel the movement and really put those tricks to the test!

Lessons are 1 hour and run on select dates throughout the year.

Please note: The maximum weight of rider for this activity is 13 stone (82kg).

You should receive an email confirmation withing 72 hours of booking.


Weight limit – 12-16st depending on discipline. Riders will be mounted on a horse or pony which is suitable for their ability, level of confidence, height, and weight.

For all sessions:
• Please wear your usual riding attire and bring your own hat and boots if you have them.
• You will require gloves (except for Trick Riding).
• Safety riding hats must be worn for all sessions and up to current BHS standards.
• We do have a collection of approved riding hats that can be borrowed for those who do not have their own and a small selection of riding boots for those without suitable footwear. (All boots should have a small heel and flat smooth sole).
• Please bring weather appropriate clothing as all sessions take place outdoors.
• Please inform us of any health restrictions that we should be aware of and that may limit your session with us. Please remove any piercings, heavy jewellery and large earrings.

Horse Archery
• You will require a belt to use around your waist in the session.

Trick Riding
• Jodhpur boots or trainers/boxing shoes are preferable footwear if you have them.
• Jeans are not suitable for trick riding sessions. Jodhpurs/riding leggings with full seat silicone ‘sticky seats’ are not recommended. Plain jodhpurs/leggings are preferable.

Side Saddle
• Do not wear any boots or chaps with zips, billets, laces or badges on the outside of the leg, or jodhpurs/riding tights with Silicone 'grippy seats'. Both of these can cause marks and damage to the saddles which are of a high value.


The Knights Of Middle England

5.0 Warwick International School of Riding, United Kingdom
Verified Listing

With over 20+ years of experience within the industry, from live stunt shows, equestrian displays, Film & TV productions and unique experience & activity days, The Knights of Middle England are a professional team of equestrian instructors, stunt riders, performers & trained actors.

As well as performing our live action-packed Stunt Shows around the World, we also offer unique tuition and training courses at our internationally renowned equestrian centre in the heart of Warwickshire. Within the historic town of Warwick itself, within the backdrop of the famous Warwick Castle, there is no better location to train in a range of equestrian disciplines and mounted combat activities.

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