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Starlight Winter Wonderland - 8 days

5.0 Ramla, Egypt Verified Listing

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  • Activity Riding Holidays
  • Activity Type Package(8)
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Looking for something truly special? Ride Egypt’s Starlight Oasis is the perfect fusion of riding, nature and being at peace with yourself and the world around you. You will enjoy exhilarating hours in the saddle, camp under the stars with the horses, bathe in natural hot springs, dine on home-cooked organic produce and enjoy an experience guaranteed to enlighten the senses.

This 8 day / 7 night adventure starts in Cairo before taking you onwards to the lush and green oasis of Fayoum, the waterfalls of Wadi Al-Hitan and the Valley of the Whales, the White Desert National Park, camping under the Milky Way, Bahariya Oasis and back to Cairo again!

Day 1: Arrive in Cairo
Transfer to our authentic farm guesthouse close to Sakkara Pyramids.

Day 2: Welcome to the land of the Pharaohs – Riding at Giza and Abu Sir
Today we have two trail rides for you! In the morning we will visit one of the remaining ‘Seven Wonders of the World’, the Great Pyramids of Giza, on horseback. This is a great ride, not only is the backdrop more than “photo ready” but the ride itself offers a mix of paces allowing you to get to know us and our horses therefore setting the scene for a Ride Egypt adventure!

After a morning in the saddle we will transfer to our horse farm in Abu Sir where the team will prepare a home-cooked lunch for you whilst you relax and sit in the sun watching the beautiful horses play in their paddocks.

After lunch you’ll have a couple of hours down time before we saddle up to ride at sunset in the desert. The deserts in this area offer wide open spaces and plenty of freedom to fly with the horses. Dinner and overnight at the guesthouse.

Day 3: Fayoum Transfer & Riding
After breakfast we will pack up and transfer by road to El Fayoum. Sensational riding, crystal clear lakes and waterfalls, temples, tombs and the countryside – this is Egypt off the beaten track.

On arrival to the village of Tunis we shall check in to our guesthouse and have an early lunch. In the afternoon it’s time to saddle up for a 4 hour trail ride though the picturesque golden deserts on our doorstep. Dinner and overnight at the guesthouse.

Day 4: Full day Riding with desert dinner
Rise and shine, it’s the perfect time to ride and explore the stunning deserts of the national park. The scenery is picturesque and goes on as far as the eye can see, it’s THE place for riders to enjoy plenty of fun canters and gallops.

Our team will prepare a dinner for your arrival on an open fire. You’ll watch the sunset and have dinner under the stars before later in the evening returning back to the guesthouse.

Day 5: Full day trail ride to Wadi El Hitan’s Magic Lake
The Magic Lake is an obscure but beautiful lake – it got its name because it changes its colours several times each day, depending on the time of day and amount of sunlight it receives. It is a brilliant place surrounded by desert so you can you can also enjoy riding and racing through the open landscapes, go swimming or enjoy sitting by the amazing waterfall. Guesthouse stay overnight.

Days 6 & 7: Black & White Desert 4 x 4 safari
Working with a local family-run business, we offer a unique experience and go the extra mile to ensure you will have memories of the desert that will last a life time. The people of the oasis, or the Waḥātī people (meaning “of the oasis” in Arabic), are the descendants of the ancient people who inhabited the oasis, ancient tribes with connections to western Egypt and eastern Libya. These people keep have kept the secrets of the desert for generations.

White Desert National Park, camel safari & star light camping

Upon first glimpse of the 300-sq-km national park of the White Desert, you’ll feel like Alice through the looking-glass. 20km northeast of Farafra, on the east side of the road, blinding-white chalk rock spires sprout almost supernaturally from the ground, each a frost-coloured lollipop. White Desert, an “outdoor museum of contemporary art”. Walking around the White Desert feels like visiting an art museum.

Black Desert : Crystal Mountain : Agabat Valley

Visiting the Black Desert is like stepping onto a different planet – postcard-perfect golden dunes surrounded by fully black powder-covered hills. A stark contrast. Crystal Mountain: This is a large rock made entirely of quartz! It’s a special moment to climb to the top of a mountain made of crystal to enjoy panoramic views. Agabat Valley: A spectacular vision of white and gold limestone boulders that decorate an otherwise flat landscape.

Bahariya Oasis & Hot Springs

During the Middle Kingdom and especially during Roman times, this oasis was a centre of agriculture, producing wine sold in the Nile Valley and as far away as Rome. Its strategic location on the Libya–Nile Valley caravan route ensured it prospered into later ages. In recent years, stunning archaeological finds (such as that of the Golden Mummies) and easy access to the hot springs are one of the main attractions in this verdant area filled with palm trees and fresh fruits. The over 40°C sulphur-scented waters are perceived by many locals and visitors to hold healing properties. Evening Return to Cairo.

Day 8: Cairo Riding and Departure
We end our adventure in the same way we started, through the eyes of the Pharaohs, with our final ride at Giza Plateau. This last, fast-paced ride sees you flying to the top of the plateau with the pyramids as a backdrop. A BBQ lunch will be served before we ride back in time to shower before checking out and departure. Those continuing the Red Sea will transfer for their internal flight.


Ride Egypt

5.0 Ramla, Egypt
Verified Listing

Picture miles and miles of open desert, surrounded by colossal mountains and the burning rays of the sun glistening on the sand. Lush green palm trees blowing gently in the breeze and sheltering the shallows of the Nile where water buffalo graze, and the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea lapping against the fine golden sand.

No need to imagine. This is the magic of Egypt. This is Ride Egypt.

Whether you wish to join us for a 9 day holiday experiencing Fairy-tale Fayoum or a mini 4 day Captivating Cairo break, Ride Egypt has something for everyone as we wish for you all to experience the magic of Egypt on horseback. With the chance to witness uninterrupted views of the Egyptian landscapes and experience authentic food, hospitality and culture, this opportunity is one not to be missed with Ride Egypt!

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