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1-2-1 Polo Lesson beginner (1 hour)

5.0 4 Wyndam Place, United Kingdom Verified Listing

Activity details

  • Activity Polo
  • Activity Type Hourly(01:00)
  • Category Individual,
  • Riding Ability Beginner, Novice,
Teaching you the fundamentals of the game of polo and how to understand the polo pony. We will focus on gaining confidence in communicating and controlling the horse, your basic riding position, polo swing and preparing you for your first chukkers. People are required to provide their own riding gear. A certified Kitearked helmet and suitable short or long riding boots. Horses, mallets and other polo specific gear will be provided.


Rebecca Walters Polo

5.0 4 Wyndam Place, United Kingdom
Verified Listing

Are you interested in improving your polo skills or simply just want to be coached by the best? Receive 1-2-1 coaching with Rebecca Walters, a top international female polo player and coach. With Rebecca, learn the fundamentals of becoming a good polo player on and off the pitch. Train with Rebecca and receive coaching on horse and rider connection, rider fitness, swing and tactics as well as mental and physical coping mechanisms required to become the best polo player you can be.

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Price - GBP 185.77

per person for whole activity

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  • Grand Total GBP 185.77
Verified Listing