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Quinta Da Lagoalva

Quinta da Lagoalva de cima, Portugal

Horse Walking Tour And Wine Tasting

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  • Activity Riding Tours
  • Activity Type Package(1)
  • Category Individual, Group, Shared,
  • Riding Ability Beginner, Novice,

Why not enjoy some wine, right after a relaxing tour through the countryside? Given the rich history of the Quinta da Lagoalva, wine tasting will be the perfect experience to immerse yourself in this experience. Paired with local cheese and chorizo, this is an experience that will make your holiday feel complete. Intermediate and Advanced riders are welcome to sign-up too, but do note that this trail will be ridden mostly in walk.


Certified helmets are provided. In the event of bad weather, the ride may be rescheduled. If that is not possible, there will be a full refund. The recommended attire for all riding activities are pants and comfortable shoes. The platform is rough but flat, and English saddles are used in all riding activities. The guides speak English, Portuguese and Spanish. In the event that a customer is not in fit physical or psychological condition to participate in the program, it may (by decision of the guide) be canceled. Max weight for horse rides: 90kg

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