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Wine Tasting, Lunch & Walking Tour With Horse Cart Ride Through The Olive Grove The History Of Quinta

5.0 Quinta da Lagoalva de cima, Portugal Verified Listing

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  • Activity Special Tour
  • Activity Type Session(06:30)
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  • Riding Ability Beginner, Novice,
Along with riding through the countryside and tasting our wine, having lunch at the facility also is enriched with history and tradition – The chef who prepares the food has been working for the facility for almost 50 years! This program begins with the core of the Quinta da Lagoalva Palace. We visit the cellar where we explain and see the design of the wines, the chapel where we explain the traditions of the past and today, the stables and riding arena where we show our Stud Farm and the Museum where the heritage of the Lagoalva Horse Cars is on display. This is followed by a trip to the countryside in a horse carriage to show the size of the property, but also to present our agricultural products of excellence: cork, olive oil and wine.


This is not a private tour as it is meant for a group of 10 or more. If you are booking for less than 10 persons, you will be joining a pre formed group for this tour. The guides speak English, Portuguese and Spanish.


Quinta Da Lagoalva

5.0 Quinta da Lagoalva de cima, Portugal
Verified Listing

Centuries ago, people arrived here on horseback. In the memory of this centuries-old tradition, Quinta Da Lagoalva has designed an experience to discover the landscape between vineyards, cork oaks and centenary olive groves, on carriage rides. With a family tradition of excellence when it comes to wine design, enjoy the wine tasting element of this experience, complemented by regional products that make the experience at the Quinta even more enriching. Book walking tours or tours with carriage rides to learn about their history and uncover other surprises along the way.

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