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Qpm Equestrian

Quinta do Pinheiro Manso, Casal do Ralha, Parceiros, 2400-018 Leiria, Portugal, Portugal

Forest Rides (1 Hour)

Activity details

  • Activity Hacking & Trail Riding
  • Activity Type Hourly(01:00)
  • Category Individual, Group,

Escape from city life. Enjoy Trail Rides with breath-taking views of the pine tree and eucalyptus forests. Experience nature with an inspiring sunrise or a picturesque sunset in the company of horses. This unique experience will bring you to the panoramic views of nature. Our trails are a horse lover's paradise! We require the guest to arrive at the farm at least 20 minutes in advance of booking time as upon arrival we will do an evaluation ride in the arena to match you with the perfect horse before going out.

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  • Price USD 69.69
  • Quantity 1
  • Time Slots
  • Sub Total USD 69.69
  • Tax USD 6.97
  • Grand Total USD 76.66

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