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Pateo Lusitano

Rua dos Barros s/n, Quinta dos Barros, Portugal

Horse Accommodation (Per Month)

Activity details

  • Activity Accommodation
  • Activity Type Package(30)
  • Category Individual,
  • Riding Ability None

If you are looking for a safe and comfortable accommodation for your horse, this is the deal for you. Páteo Lusitano guarantees a five star treatment for our customers and their horses. Whatever your modality, Páteo Lusitano has everything you need! For the food, the SF products are personally chosen by the team and top quality hay is provided. This service also includes the simplest accommodation without work as well as with work, initiation, competition, etc!

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  • Price USD 401.19
  • Quantity 1
  • Sub Total USD 401.19
  • Tax USD 0.00
  • Grand Total USD 401.19

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