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Two Islands Tour 8D/7N, 6 Days of Riding - (Twin Share) May 6th - May 13th

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Ride along a fantastic trail of 180km in the South of Sardinia and the island of Sant’ Antioco where you will discover villages from the Middle Ages, experience sun, sand and sea.

Day 1– Transfer from Cagliari Elmas Airport to Hotel I Colori in Sant’Antioco. Dinner will be Sardinian specialities.

Day 2 – We leave the riding school towards the direction of Saline di Sant’ Antioco, a 20km coastal strip. We will then enter the village of Palmas Vecchio where we visit a church from 1000 AD. The next stop will be the artificial lake of Tratalias, where you will enjoy a panoramic view of the coast and lake basin.

On the way back we will visit the medieval village of Tratalias Vecchia.

Dinner will be local seafood in the cosy Ristorante da Silvana.

Day 3 – We will reach the island of Sant’Antioco by van and unload horses at the area of the former Palma Caves.

We will head towards the beautiful beach of Maladroxia and then descend the coast in a southerly direction towards the wild beach of Co'e Cuaddus. We then head towards Turri with its eighteenth century tower. We leave the coast and travel inland to reach Pianni di Cannai. From there, we travel back to where we started the day. Dinner will be at Agriturismo Is Concais.

Day 4 – This is a 2nd riding route for the island of Sant’ Antioco and we start at the Fountain of Cannai, an ancient trough for animals. From here we will ride towards the ruins of Su Semafuru, the historic light station located on a hill guarding the Gulf of Palmas.

After enjoying the unparalleled panoramic views on Su Semarufu, we will head towards the area of Portu Sciusciau overlooking the picturesque Cave of the Sirens.

We will then visit the village of Grutti 'e acqua and the Tomb of the Giants located in Su Niu’e su Crobu.

Our last stop is at the beautiful Calasapone beach characterized by rocks that are like arms surrounding the sea, from which you can admire romantic and colourful sunsets. Dinner will be a local seafood.

Day 5 – You will experience a horse trail ride to up the Suregiù mountain, located 400m above sea level. Along the way we will stop at the Dormas de Janas of Crobu mountain.

You will enjoy breath-taking views of the sea and the islands of Sant’Antioco, SanPietro, the private island of Isola Piana and other islets of the Sulcitan archipelago.

We will have dinner at the Pizzeria di Renzo e Rita.

Day 6 – We head towards the direction of the ancient fishing village Is Loccis Santus. Along the way, we will pass by the remains of some Domus de Janas, sepulchral ravines of 8000 years ago, and then head in the direction of the sea.

From Punta 'e Trettu passing through Corungiuali, you will reach Bruncu Teula, a beach with shallow waters and a habitat to different species of birds. We will ride along the shoreline, taking in the fresh sea breeze, and go up the coast where we get a special view of the nearby island of San Pietro.

Dinner will be at Ristorante Da Silvana.

Day 7 - We ride towards Porto Botte, the southern coast of Sardinia, popular with kite surfers. We then head towards Is Solinas beach and the enchanting bay of Su Portu 'e Su Trigu. We arrive at the renowned beach of Porto Pino, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its white sands and dunes.

Riding through costal vineyards, we will see flamingos and enjoy the aromatic scent of juniper and Aleppo pines.

We will enjoy a farm-to-table dinner in San Giovanni Suergiù.

Day 8 - Enjoy breakfast at the hotel, bid farewell each other before you are transported to Cagliari-Elmas Airport.


Maneggio Sulcis

5.0, Italy
Verified Listing

With its experienced and professional guides Maneggio Sulcis provides unforgettable experiences for you to discover the most unspoilt corners of southern Sardinia. Our experiences cater for experienced riders to trot, canter and gallop at ease.

Whether it’s a relaxing ride at the beach, trekking to conquer breath-taking headlands or an itinerary to the Mediterranean vegetation and ancient vineyards, our horse riding tours will satisfy you with the amazing scents and scenery.

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