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Weekly Riding Programme

5.0 Lipica 5, 6210 Sežana, Slovenia, Slovenia Verified Listing

Activity details

  • Activity OMG! Horse
  • Activity Type Package(7)
  • Category Individual, Group,
  • Riding Ability Intermediate, Advanced,
Riding lessons (10 lessons of 45 min each, divided into 5 riding days). Morning duties in the stables – horse grooming.

Accommodation included for the riders.

Guided or independent tour of the stud farm.

Unlimited access to the grounds of the stud farm during the opening hours.

Unlimited access to the highlights of the stud farm during the opening hours.

Presentation of the classical riding school (on schedule from April till end of October). Certificate of participation.


For participation in the horseback riding program, a reservation is obligatory at least 7 days before the program. The minimum age of the participants is 12 years,In case, that two riders are joining the program together is obligatory that they are riding independently. Prior riding experience* is required. If the riding instructor determines that the rider’s knowledge and ability are lower than claimed during the reservation process, the rider will be asked to leave the lessons. In that case, refunds are not possible.The instructor chooses the exercises in line with rider's knowledge and ability. The horses are medium height and not suitable for very tall and heavy riders. The participants have to wear riding equipment (boots, trousers, helmet). The use of the helmet is mandatory through the whole program. By the age of 15, the spin shield is mandatory. Participants are asked to follow the instructions, given by personnel of the Stud Farm. Safety rules must be followed. Each participant is co-responsible for their own safety, the safety of other riders in the group, horse's safety, the safety of other people and material resources. The Lipica Stud Farm takes no responsibility for any injuries or accidents that might occur during the participation in the riding program. *Necessary Knowledge and experience: The rider has to ride independently in a walk, trot and canter; Solid balance and correct use of aids;A certificate from a national equestrian organization or an equestrian club membership attestation is preferred for participants in the program.


Lipica Stud Farm

5.0 Lipica 5, 6210 Sežana, Slovenia, Slovenia
Verified Listing

Most horse lovers know about the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and most know that the horses ridden in the famous shows are Lipizzaners, not Spanish Andalusians. But did you know that the Lipizzan breed was created in Lipica (pronounced “Lipizza”) in what is nowadays Slovenia? If you go to Lipica, you will learn about the eventful history of a beautiful and talented breed that survived the maelstroms of wars and invasions over many centuries.

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Price - GBP 830.00

per person for whole activity

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  • Grand Total GBP 830.00
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