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Equestrian Tour Madre De Àgua Quarters and Vineyards (1½ Hours)

5.0 Quinta Madre de Água, Portugal Verified Listing

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  • Activity Trail Rides
  • Activity Type Hourly(01:30)
  • Category Individual, Group,
Follow with one of our Lusitano horses and our rider Nuno Carvalho on a walk between the Madre de Água farms and vineyards. Duration: 1½ Hours


Hotel Madre De Água

5.0 Quinta Madre de Água, Portugal
Verified Listing

Hotel Madre De Agua represents everything that is exquisite about Portugal. Set over 16 hectares of pristine wineland and historic architecture. Featuring constructions in granite stone, a mature vineyard, abundant olive trees, oaks, chestnut trees, pines, centennial cherry trees , rock formations from the glacial era and several water wells.

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Price - GBP 97.57

per person for whole activity

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  • Grand Total GBP 97.57
Verified Listing