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Dressage Lesson (2 Hours)

5.0 Quinta Madre de Água, Portugal Verified Listing

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  • Activity Dressage
  • Activity Type Hourly(02:00)
  • Category Individual, Group,
  • Riding Ability None

The stud is a major feature of the property, the finest bloodlines are trained by master horseman, Nuno Carvalho. The objective is to compete and teach in the discipline of Dressage at national and international level. The Lusitano breed, deeply immersed in Portuguese tradition, is the oldest saddle horse in the world. It possesses a natural aptitude for high school and airs above the ground exercises in dressage, with an extraordinary ability to collect itself. Thus, the Lusitano not only distinguishes itself in bullfighting and classic riding, but also in more competitive modern equestrian disciplines such as dressage, cross country and driving.


Hotel Madre De Água

5.0 Quinta Madre de Água, Portugal
Verified Listing

Hotel Madre De Agua represents everything that is exquisite about Portugal. Set over 16 hectares of pristine wineland and historic architecture. Featuring constructions in granite stone, a mature vineyard, abundant olive trees, oaks, chestnut trees, pines, centennial cherry trees , rock formations from the glacial era and several water wells.

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Price - GBP 80.00

per person for whole activity

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  • Sub Total GBP 80.00
  • Tax GBP 0.00
  • Grand Total GBP 80.00
Verified Listing

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