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Viking Ride (1½ Hours). Valid 16th Apr - 14th Oct 2023. 10am slot

5.0 Vegamót, Iceland Verified Listing

Activity details

  • Activity OMG! Horse
  • Activity Type Hourly(01:30)
  • Category Individual, Group,
Suitable for everyone – small groups – personal service
Available 2x daily from 16th Apr to 14th Oct 2023.
On this exceptional “every-season” tour, you‘ll enjoy the diversity of the Icelandic landscape. Our reliable and strong horses will carry you directly into nature´s tranquillity and they do not mind frozen ground or scrunching snow as well as the soft grassy path in summer. This lesson is for 1.5 hours. Children must be at a minimum of 6 years old.


What to wear:
Temperatures in the summer can range from freezing to 20° C, so be prepared for all kinds of weather. We recommend a sweater and a windproof jacket as well as gloves. Wear comfortable pants and strong shoes (hiking boots are fine). We will provide you with a helmet and rain gear, if necessary. In winter, we also provide a snowsuit. Please note that we require you to wear a helmet when riding with us, so if you’d like to wear a woollen hat or headband, make sure it’s a thin one and fits comfortably under a helmet.
If you are an experienced rider and want to bring your own riding clothes with you, they must be disinfected before you arrive. It is prohibited by Icelandic law to bring used riding gear including saddles, bridles, etc. into the country, as well as used leather riding boots, other leather riding wear or riding gloves. Riding clothes, rubber riding boots and any other gear should be machine-washed (min. 40°) or dry-cleaned (chemically cleaned), and disinfected with VirkonS®.


Hestasport Activity Tours

5.0 Vegamót, Iceland
Verified Listing

Discover the breath-taking beauty of Iceland from between the ears of a stunning Icelandic horse when you take a riding tour with Hestasport Activity Tours.
Take in the abundance of volcanoes, waterfalls and glaciers that the Land of Fire and Ice is so famous for. An adventure in Iceland can take you on a spectacular glacier hike or a dip in a geothermal lagoon but if you’re a horse lover you should add a horseback riding tour to your list!
A tour here is made even more special with an exclusive ride on the native Icelandic horse. Try out its specialty move, the tölt, over smooth fields or visit the scenic waterfall Reykjafoss. There is no better way to take in the beautiful landscape and views of Iceland than on the back of a friendly Icelandic horse.

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Price - GBP 82.00

per person for whole activity

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  • Sub Total GBP 82.00
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