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Mountain Challenge 4Days/3Nights (3Days Riding)

5.0 Vegamót, Iceland Verified Listing

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  • Activity OMG! Horse
  • Activity Type Package(4)
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Along forgotten trails...For 4days/3nights (3days Riding) you will be exploring beautiful forgotten trails in the outback of Skagafjörður. Just like Icelanders, we ride with accompanying hand horse and climb up and down narrow valleys and canyons, cross a river countless times and enjoy smooth tölt on grassy paths. During this adventurous challenge, your horses will carry you off into barely touched nature, away from civilization.
At night, you will stay in one of our lovely Hestasport timber cottages and are welcome to enjoy a relaxing bath in the natural hot pot after a long day in the saddle.
You will ride 2 horses per person / per day. An English and/or German speaking guide will accompany you. All necessary transfers connected to riding are included.
Day 1: We will meet you around noon in Varmahlíð, Skagafjörður at the bus station. If you travel by car, you will meet us in our office in Varmahlíð. Next, you will move into one of our cosy cottages and settle in. In the afternoon, we will take you to our stables, Vindheimamelar, where you will meet our horses. We will show you how to ride with a hand horse and then we will set out for our first ride. We will follow the trails leading along the pristine nature of the river Héraðsvötn delta. This area bustles with various species of wild birds – you´re in a birdwatchers´ paradise. We will leave the horses at the corral for the night and drive back to the cottages. (2-3hrs)
Day 2: In the morning we will pick you up from your cottage and return to the corral. You´ll saddle up and disappear into the valley of Mælifellsdalur. Soon, you will leave all signs of civilisation behind. Throughout the day you will follow the trail - the mountains Mælifellshnjúkur to your left, Reykjafjall to your right. The pure, Icelandic air will be filled with the rhythmic sound of hoofsteps. Around midday, you might see the edge of two glaciers – Hofsjökull and Langjökull. Afterwards, you will descend to the impressive valley Einarsdalur and the narrow gorge Stafnsgil, where you will cross the meandering river numerous times. The path will lead us to the corral Stafnsrétt, where we’ll leave the horses for the night. Our transportation will meet us there and take us back to the cottages where we can relax in the hot tub after the long day in the saddle.(6-7 hours)
Day 3: From Stafnsrétt, our horses will climb up the steep slopes of Stafnsbrekka. The view on the glaciers from the hilltop may leave you speechless. You will continue the ride over the pass Kíðaskarð. After a well-deserved lunch break surrounded by high sharp mountains, you will head back to the lowland of Skagafjörður. Soon, you’ll complete the circle by crossing the river Svartá, visiting the “steaming” waterfall Reykjafoss and coming back to Vindheimamelar. After saying goodbye to our horses, we´ll take you back to the cottages. (6-7 hours)
Day 4: You’ll wake up one last time in your cosy cottage, but of course, you are also welcome to book some additional nights! We are happy to drop you off at the bus station in Varmahlíð.

This is a self catering tour. You can shop for your groceries/food in the shop nearby and prepare your breakfast/lunch/dinner in the cottage. Pack your own lunch for the tour. If you enjoy alcoholic beverages in the evening, we recommend that you buy them either at home or take advantage of the duty-free shop in Keflavík airport, because alcohol is rather expensive in Iceland and only sold in special state-run shops.
Package is bookable on request (Children at least 10 years old). Tour will go ahead even if for 1 Rider. Package includes accommodation for 3 nights, all ground transportation throughout riding tour, English and/or German speaking guides, helmets, rain gear and saddlebags. Not included: Transfer to and from Iceland, Transfer to and from Varmahlio, Meals and drinks, riding breeches, boots, jackets, gloves.


What to wear:
Temperatures in the summer can range from freezing to 20° C, so be prepared for all kinds of weather. We recommend a wind proof jacket, woollen or fleece sweaters, gloves, thick woollen socks, headbands/earmuffs, scarf, long underwear (thermals) and of course your riding breeches. Comfortable pants and strong shoes (hiking boots are fine). We will provide you with a helmet and rain gear, if necessary. Please note that we require you to wear a helmet when riding with us, so if you’d like to wear a woollen hat or headband, make sure it’s a thin one and fits comfortably under a helmet.
If you are an experienced rider and want to bring your own riding clothes with you, they must be disinfected before you arrive. It is prohibited by Icelandic law to bring used riding gear including saddles, bridles, etc. into the country, as well as used leather riding boots, other leather riding wear or riding gloves. Riding clothes, rubber riding boots and any other gear should be machine-washed (min. 40°) or dry-cleaned (chemically cleaned), and disinfected with VirkonS®. If you are comfortable with walking in rubber boots, you can bring them too. Also, prepare for warmer weather and bring along lighter clothes and sunblock, and don’t forget your swimsuit (hot tubs).
Personal medication: If you need them, you should bring all personal medication. Our staff members are not allowed to give out medication except for emergency situations.


Hestasport Activity Tours

5.0 Vegamót, Iceland
Verified Listing

Discover the breath-taking beauty of Iceland from between the ears of a stunning Icelandic horse when you take a riding tour with Hestasport Activity Tours.
Take in the abundance of volcanoes, waterfalls and glaciers that the Land of Fire and Ice is so famous for. An adventure in Iceland can take you on a spectacular glacier hike or a dip in a geothermal lagoon but if you’re a horse lover you should add a horseback riding tour to your list!
A tour here is made even more special with an exclusive ride on the native Icelandic horse. Try out its specialty move, the tölt, over smooth fields or visit the scenic waterfall Reykjafoss. There is no better way to take in the beautiful landscape and views of Iceland than on the back of a friendly Icelandic horse.

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