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Yazmin Pinchen

Various Locations, United Kingdom Verified Listing

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Training & Coaching

Discover the winning edge with Yazmin Pinchen, an accomplished showjumper turned exceptional trainer and coach. With a remarkable journey that spans international competitions and prestigious victories, Yazmin brings her unparalleled expertise and passion to aspiring riders seeking to reach new heights in the equestrian world.

Benefit from Yazmin's proven track record of success, honed through years of dedicated training and a deep understanding of the sport. Having represented Great Britain on the European team and claimed individual silver medals, she knows firsthand what it takes to excel on the global stage. Her extensive experience encompasses participation in renowned circuits like the Global Champions Tour and World Cup Qualifiers, as well as the prestigious Nations Cup senior teams.

Now, Yazmin's unwavering commitment is focused on helping riders like you unlock their true potential. With her expert guidance, tailored coaching programs, and invaluable insights, you'll gain the necessary skills and techniques to elevate your riding abilities to new levels of excellence. Whether you're an ambitious junior rider or an experienced competitor aiming for the top, Yazmin's training will empower you to reach your goals and surpass your own expectations.


Training & Coaching

About Yazmin - Early Career

Born in 1993, Yazmin embarked on her remarkable equestrian journey from an early age. Beginning with ponies, she traversed the United Kingdom alongside her supportive family, participating in shows that would lay the foundation for her future successes. At the age of 13, Yazmin acquired her first horse, Zodiac Z, signaling the start of a remarkable ascent in the equestrian world.

Yazmin's talent and dedication earned her a place on the European Team representing Great Britain in Turkey. Demonstrating exceptional skill, Yazmin and her teammates secured a team gold, while she also claimed an individual silver medal. This achievement propelled her towards the world championships in Mexico, where she finished among the top 10 competitors.

Senior Achievements

Undeterred by challenges, Yazmin continued her journey by competing in senior trials and securing a spot in the junior European finals held in Portugal. Accompanied by her exceptional horse, Van de Vivaldi, she showcased their remarkable synergy at illustrious shows and amassed an impressive string of horses. Notably, her achievements extended to the Global Champions Tour circuits, World Cup Qualifiers, and participation in Nations Cup Senior Teams.

Among her numerous accolades, Yazmin's crowning achievement came when she triumphed in the 4* Grand Prix at Bolesworth International, solidifying her status as a force to be reckoned with in the equestrian realm.



Personal Life

While her riding career has slowed down due to her fulfilling role as a full-time mother to two young children, Yazmin embraces the joys of motherhood while expertly managing her beloved horses. In addition to her passion for riding, she has discovered a new love for presenting, seizing fantastic opportunities to captivate audiences through shows on social media and television channels.


Yazmin Pinchen


Verified Listing

Various Locations, United Kingdom

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1 Hour Private Showjumping Lesson

Yazmin Pinchen
Various Locations, United Kingdom
GBP 80.00