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Wicklow Equi Tours

Glenealy, Ireland Verified Listing

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Luxury Horse Riding

Wicklow is one of Ireland’s premier tourist spots, primarily due to its breathtaking scenery – indeed Wicklow is colloquially known as ‘The Garden of Ireland’. The rides incorporate both the tranquility of the Vales of Glenmalure and Clara, and the exhilaration of galloping the length of the golden-sanded beach of Brittas.

A Memorable Horse Riding Holiday

With a perfect location only 50 minutes from Dublin Airport, a holiday with Wicklow Equi Tours marries convenience with charm. Whilst we cannot guarantee the Irish weather, we do guarantee the most memorable horse-riding holiday you will experience in Ireland! All the horses are family raised, although all different shapes and sizes, each horse is handpicked by us for being comfortable, trustworthy and suited to the trekking terrain in Wicklow.


Carrick Mountain and Laragh

Ride Everyday

There are multiple locations available for daily rides so you can enjoy a new path and views every single day.


Brittas Bay Beach & Castletimon Wood



Ballinabarney Lodge, Ballynabarny, Ballinabarney, Co. Wicklow, A67 NX83, Ireland.


Dublin Airport

Wicklow Equi Tours


Verified Listing

Glenealy, Ireland

Activities at facility


Beach Ride along the iconic Brittas Bay

Wicklow Equi Tours
Glenealy, Ireland
EUR 80.00

Trail Rides

Wicklow Equi Tours
Glenealy, Ireland
EUR 45.00