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Whispering Feather Farms

Mill Spring, Virtual Verified Listing

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Form a Connection on a Deeper Level

Learn to deepen the bond between you and your horse with Anna Twinney, an international animal communicator, horse whisperer, and healer whose talents, experience, and expertise are sought after by people all over the world. For almost 20 years she has conducted thousands of sessions and taught hundreds of classes on almost every continent for animal lovers, veterinarians, celebrities, and people of all walks of life.

Discover Whispering Feather Farm

Located in Mill Spring, North Carolina, Whispering Feather Farm is an ideal place for you to learn everything you need to know about natural horsemanship. The Holistic Horsemanship Training as well as the Horse Whispering Workshops can help you to better understand your horse. Apart from this, Animal Communication and Consultation Clinics can help you put an end to one-way communication with your horse. Anna Twinney is a firm believer in the fact that we must understand the horse in order for the horse to understand us, which is why communication must be a two-way process.



Be a 'Reach Out To Horses' (ROTH) Certified Horsemanship Practitioner

One of the most useful things you can attain under Anna Twinney’s guidance at Whispering Feather Farms is a Reach Out to Horses (ROTH) Certification for Horsemanship. This not only means that you have a high skill level in natural horsemanship, but gives you the leverage of having your skill recognized by someone as phenomenal in the field as Anna herself. The instructors you learn from at the farm are also ROTH certified, so you’re bound to have a fun, safe and fruitful learning experience.

Full Retirement and Board for Your Horse

Envision rolling hills and green pastures, trees that are full of life to share and find shade under, and horses of all shapes, sizes, and colors happily grazing their days away. With exemplary holistic horsemanship care, daily checks, and a choice to be included with our healing, animal communication, or horsemanship programs if desired, retirement with ROTH is where horses come to find their bliss. This is where horses have a voice and a choice: organic supplements are provided, natural hoof, dentistry, and veterinary care are encouraged while PEMF, Essential Oils, and Reiki are offered. The new Reach Out to Horses natural horsemanship HQ at Whispering Feather Farms is the physical representation of the culmination of an entire life’s work where horses and all animals find harmony and happiness within a holistic program.


Become an unstoppable riding pair with natural horsemanship guidance



From Ashville Regional Airport, Mill Spring is a 34 minute drive via the I-26E

Whispering Feather Farms


Verified Listing

Mill Spring, Virtual

Activities at facility


Horse Whispering Episodes - Liberty & Language & Intuitive Riding

Whispering Feather Farms
Mill Spring, Virtual
USD 19.97

Horse Whispering Episodes - Episode 2 of 2: Intuitive Riding (Bundle of 3)

Whispering Feather Farms
Mill Spring, Virtual
USD 27.27

Animal Communication & Energy Healing Episodes (Bundle of 8 sessions)

Whispering Feather Farms
Mill Spring, Virtual
USD 19.97