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Wadi Rum Stable

Wadi Rum, Jordan Verified Listing

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Discover the Wadi Rum Protected Area

Located in the southern part of Jordan, the Wadi Rum Protected Area spans across 74,200 hectares. WRPA’s natural values include desert landforms developed within continental sandstones, making for highly aesthetically-pleasing land formations that you can explore on horseback. These landforms illustrate the evolution of pastoral, agricultural and urban human activity in the Arabian Peninsula and the environmental history of the region, and the rich history of the area will leave you in awe, making it perfect for an equestrian getaway.

Arabians and the Desert

A prized horse across the globe, Arabian horses are known to be one of the most athletic breeds, with an immensely rich history and a sturdy confirmation. Being one of the oldest breeds of horses, their origins date back to around 4,500 years ago. Popular for their high endurance and good stamina, these horses are the perfect mounts to take you on an adventure through the desert. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to ride these incredible horses in their native land.


Admire the Beautiful Landforms

Embark on an Exhilarating Adventure

If you want to experience camping out in a desert under the stars and the cloudless night sky, this is the perfect opportunity for you to do so. From exploring caves, to sand dunes, to even having the chance to swim in Abaqua, Jordan’s Coastal region, this adventure promises to be unforgettable for the adrenaline-seeking equestrian.

Where History Meets Horses

Not only will your time in Wadi Rum prove to be an amazing adventure, it will also be extremely immersive and enriching. From visiting a site that is over 12,000 years old, to visiting caves that were once inhabited by the famous Arabian Warrior, Anta, this is an experience bound to immerse you deeply in the culture and history of Wadi Rum. Even get the chance to learn about the Great Arab Revolt’s Battle of Aqaba, a battle that was depicted in the film Lawrence of Arabia.


Embark on an Adventure


Wadi Rum Stable


Verified Listing

Wadi Rum, Jordan

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