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VIP Riding Luxor

Luxor, Egypt Verified Listing

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VIP Riding Luxor

Experience the magic of ancient Egypt on horseback with VIP Riding Luxor Stable. Our stable is situated in the heart of Luxor's West Bank, surrounded by the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Theban Necropolis.

Our owner and horse trainer Kareem, personally collects guests from their accommodations in one of our luxurious cars and drives them to the stable to begin their unforgettable riding experience.

With our expert guides, riders will visit incredible historical sites such as Carter House, the Temple of Hatshepsut, the Tombs of the Nobles and Workers, and the Valley of the Kings.

Our VIP Balloons at Sunrise ride offers a truly magical experience, as guests ride along palm-fringed paths and witness multiple colorful hot air balloons take flight.

At VIP Riding Luxor Stable, we provide an unforgettable riding experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.


Unleash Your Inner Explorer

Discover the Wonders of Luxor’s West Bank on Horseback with VIP Riding Luxor Stable
Experience the ultimate horseback riding adventure through the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Luxor’s West Bank with VIP Riding Luxor Stable. Our stable owner and horse trainer, Karem, also runs a travel company called Egypt Swiss VIP Travel, providing tours and transfers throughout Egypt. With Karem, you will have access to the most exceptional riding experience in the world, right at the heart of historical significance in the Theban Necropolis.

Unleash the Adventurer in You with Our Daily Rides
At VIP Riding Luxor Stable, we offer daily rides that take you down the street outside the stable to explore all the historical monuments in the area. As you ride, you will also experience the lush rural crop fields of sugar cane and banana plantations along with the vast Sahara desert of the Valley of Kings. With our experienced horse trainers and tour guides, you can be sure that every ride is a new adventure.


A Sight To Remember

Discover the Ancient Treasures of West Bank on Horseback

Ride in the Footsteps of the Ancient Pharaohs
Imagine being transported back in time as you embark on a horseback riding adventure through the Valley of Kings, following the same paths that the ancient pharaohs took. At the break of dawn, you'll be chauffeured to the stable located near the hot air balloons launch site, where you'll warm up before starting your thrilling journey. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will take you on an unforgettable adventure.

Experience the Most Beautiful Tomb in the Valley of the Queens
Get ready to witness the stunning beauty of the Valley of the Queens by experiencing the most beautiful tomb. Our stable is located amidst the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Luxor's West Bank, and you'll be guided through the lush rural crop fields with colorful balloons floating overhead, adding to the magic of the experience. Get ready to discover the ancient history of the land and the breathtaking views that come with it.

Unearth the Mysteries of the Tombs of the Nobles and Workers
Be transported back in time as you explore the mysteries of the tombs of the nobles and workers in Luxor. Our adventure-packed horseback riding tour will take you through the rural crop fields and past the magnificent Temple of SETI I, giving you an authentic experience of the aristocracy that once dwelled in the area. This thrilling ride is the perfect combination of history and adventure that will leave you breathless.

Experience the Stunning Architecture of the Temple of Hatshepsut
Explore the stunning architecture of the Temple of Hatshepsut on a journey that will take you to the most significant historical sites in the Theban Necropolis. As you ride along the paths, you'll see towering cliffs in the shape of a horseshoe and the verdant crops irrigated by bubbling canals tended by farmers and their donkeys. This adventure is an immersive experience that combines history, nature, and stunning architecture.

Ride Alongside the Monuments of the Theban Necropolis
Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the Theban Necropolis as you ride alongside the monuments of this ancient civilization. The tour will take you past the Tombs of the Nobles and Workers and the Alabaster workshops, where you'll witness the colorful handcrafted pieces that are on offer. The ride is located amidst the lush green West Bank of the river Nile and the rocky Saharan desert of the Valley of the King's mountain range, providing you with an unforgettable blend of history and nature.


Travel Back In Time

Unmatched Hospitality

Kareem, the owner and horse trainer of VIP Riding Luxor Stable, is a hospitable host who provides a flawless and seamless service to his guests. He is well connected and trusted to organise all your travel, tours, transfers, and riding throughout Egypt. His family-run stable and travel company offer an authentic and safe experience for guests, with brothers, sisters, uncles, and cousins all involved in taking great care of the horses and guests.

Kareem is also very attentive to the needs of his guests, and he personally collects them each day from their accommodations, drives them to the stable, rides with them, and then drops them back each night.

Kareem's hospitality is unmatched, and his guests always feel safe, warmly welcomed, and well taken care of during their stay.


Vip Riding Luxor


Verified Listing

Luxor, Egypt

Activities at facility


Valley of The Kings Desert Ride

VIP Riding Luxor
Luxor, Egypt
EUR 50.00

Nile Swim & Ride

VIP Riding Luxor
Luxor, Egypt
EUR 60.00

Experience Egypt

VIP Riding Luxor
Luxor, Egypt
EUR 30.00