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Vila Galé Collection Alter Real

Alter do Chão, Portugal Verified Listing

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Immerse Yourself in the Art of Equestrianism at Vila Galé Collection Alter Real

Nestled in the heart of the Tapada do Arneiro Estate, Vila Galé Collection Alter Real is the most picturesque location to lose yourself in the magic of equestrian artistry. Home to the oldest stud farm in the world, the spirit of purebred Lusitano horses pulses through Vila Galé and offers its visitors a truly authentic experience.
Saddle up for your very first horse ride or take in the stunning countryside on a horseback ride through the surrounding area. Vila Galé has something for every level of equestrian, from novice to advanced so you are sure to find the perfect horse experience to complement your stay.

Visit the Breathtaking Ancient Alter Real Stud Farm

Founded in 1748, the Alter Stud Farm is the longest running stud farm in the world and the birthplace of the magnificent Lusitano horse. Enjoy a slice of ancient history when you visit here during your stay. The Alter Stud Farm isn’t just a place of cultural preservation but there is a diverse range of cultural and educational activities for visitors to enjoy. Discover the best of this enthralling location and take part in the equestrian tourism experiences they have on offer.
Enjoy horseback riding and round pen horse riding classes, horseback rides and baptisms, as well as carriage driving baptisms and rides.

You can enjoy a tour of the Stud Farm from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm. Further information available on


Ultimate Relaxation at Vila Galé Collection Alter Real

Escape the Everyday at Vila Galé Collection Alter Real

Rejuvenate completely and make the most of the onsite spa and wellness activities. Take a dip in the heated indoor pool or warm up for your horse ride in the gym. Feel renewed after a luxurious stay as Vila Galé provides a welcome retreat from the stresses of day-to-day life.

Feel Captivated by the Charm of Vila Galé Collection Alter Real

Vila Galé Collection Alter Real has an alluring charm that will delight your senses. Relish a luxurious stay in a decadent boutique hotel before hopping on an enthralling horseback ride through the verdant scenery. You could even enjoy a unique falconry experience at the on-site falconry museum. Watch these dazzling creatures or fly them to your glove! There is something for anyone at this remarkable resort. Of course, don’t forget to spend your evenings here with an onsite wine and olive oil tasting in the blushing afternoon glow as the sun folds away. Enjoy a truly enriching experience in this cultural and equestrian hub.


Enjoy Exclusive Onsite Wine Tasting


Vila Galé Collection Alter Real


Verified Listing

Alter do Chão, Portugal