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Vicki Friedel Horsemanship

Jystrup Midtsj, Denmark Verified Listing

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Pedagogical Horse Consultant

Animals are driven by instincts, and immediately notice what emotional mood we as humans are in.
A horse will respond to the feeling you send out:
If you are angry, it goes away because this feeling is not comfortable to be with.
If you are sad and may not be present, it will push you to get your attention.

I am a trained sports educator specializing in horses as an educational tool, and have since trained in true connection, which is about being true to yourself, to create a real connection to the horse.

Clinic with Ingela Larsson Smith

Internationally renowned horsemanship instructor Ingela Larsson Smith is coming to Denmark! Ingela has spent most of her life as a student of the horse. She will be sharing some of the things she has learned that help create a strong and connected relationship between a horse and his human. Her courses are truly life-changing, and every minute is packed with amazing insights on how to be the kind of person your horse will want to be with.
See Booking Page for True Connection Clinic with Ingela.


Ingela Larsson Smith

True Connection

I guide in how horses can be used to be our teachers for self-awareness. With the horse as a helper, I teach you to be in the now, and become better at listening to your body - so you can stand by whether what you feel is right or wrong.
I will drive to you and train you and your horse anywhere in Zealand. Through exercises and training you will become aware of your own appearance and whether it matches what you think about yourself.


Pedagogical Horse Consultant


Vicki Friedel Horsemanship


Verified Listing

Jystrup Midtsj, Denmark