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The Royal Stables of Córdoba

Córdoba, Spain Verified Listing

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Marvel at the Passion and Spirit of the Andalusian Horse

Revel in the magnificence of the Andalusian horse at The Royal Stables of Córdoba. Here, visitors have an exclusive opportunity to discover the excellence of the Pura Raza Española, or Andalusian horse. Enjoy a unique nightly show which highlights the myriad of skills these horses are known for within the fields of dressage and other disciplines.

In addition to the breath-taking show, soak in the extraordinary setting of the beautiful UNESCO world heritage site, an equestrian dream for all horse lovers. A magnificent hub of equestrian excellence in the heart of Andalusia.

Discover the Birthplace of the Amazing Andalusian Horse

The historical Royal Stables of Córdoba were founded in 1570 following a request from King Felipe II – an avid horse lover and rider. He loved horses so much that he launched a project to create the Andalusian Horse, the Pure Spanish Thoroughbred arguably one of the most exquisite breeds of horses to ever exist. Felipe II’s goal was to have his own breed of horse that would be celebrated all over the world – a great success, of course! The Andalusian horse soon became a striking symbol of the Spanish Empire and even now is widely loved and extremely popular throughout the horse world.


The Passion and Spirit of the Andalusian Horse

Enjoy Equine Excellence and Unforgettable Flamenco

Immerse yourself in the spectacular culture of Andalusia. Marvel at this stunning exhibition of talented dancing horses and passionate flamenco dancers and feel transported through the thrilling history of Andalusia. This is an exclusive opportunity to observe the ancient Andalusian horse as it dances to the rhythm of traditional flamenco music, showcasing its wonderful talents and skills. A flamenco and horse show at the Royal Stables is a unique chance to experience the combination of modern tradition that celebrates longstanding Spanish culture and folklore.

Tick a Stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site off your Bucket List!

The Royal Stables of Córdoba are a celebrated UNESCO world heritage site and are nestled in the most beautiful setting and city. The stables are located behind the Alcázar and just a short walk from the Mezquita – both must-see Córdoba sites in their own right! This magical city has so much to offer for horse lovers and travellers alike.

The stables once formed part of the Alcázar and still retain their military character. Now, the stables are part of a building complex consisting of the Mosque-Cathedral and the Jewish Quarter and were famously branded as “the cathedral for horses” by famed Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca.


UNESCO World Heritage Site

Explore the Sights of Córdoba

The quaint Andalusian city of Córdoba offers a myriad of beautiful sights and gems. The city lies on the banks of the Guadalquivir River and is a hub of culture and history. One of the breathtaking sights that cannot be missed when visiting stunning Córdoba is the Mezquita. The city’s opulent great mosque offers a remarkably serene retreat (despite attracting hordes of tourists!) with a spacious interior and incredible architecture.

Arguably, the Mezquita is one of the world’s greatest works of Islamic architecture. The lustrous decoration wonderfully captures the age when Muslims, Jews and Christians lived side by side and enriched the city with their individual beauty and culture, creating the vibrant cultural hub of a city we all love today! Minutes away from The Royal Stables of Córdoba, the iconic Mezquita is one of Spain’s most historic monuments of a bygone era.



Calle Caballerizas Reales, 1, 14004 Córdoba, Spain


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The Royal Stables Of Córdoba


Verified Listing

Córdoba, Spain

Activities at facility


Multi-Day Riding Holiday (3 days)

The Royal Stables of Córdoba
Córdoba, Spain
EUR 2,260.00

Passion and Soul of the Andalusian Horse Equestrian Show (Wednesday to Saturday)

The Royal Stables of Córdoba
Córdoba, Spain
EUR 42.00

Training Course Auxiliary of Cuadra (1 hour)

The Royal Stables of Córdoba
Córdoba, Spain
EUR 95.95