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The Royal Horse of England

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The Royal Horse of England - the first equestrian theatre company in the United Kingdom to be dedicated to art of historical horsemanship.

Recreating the culture of equestrian theatre, bringing you drama, romance and humour. The audience will feel emotionally involved with the closeness of the horses and performance.

The Royal Horse of England

As we enter a new era of history in England, immerse yourself in living history. As these inspiring horses, riders and performers bring to the audience the stories of our past.

The evolution of how the horse became our charger, our dance partner and our companion in life.

With the endeavours of royalty and nobility the horse grew in stature and importance at one time becoming a part of our everyday life.

In this wonderful theatrical performance, you will see beautiful horses step out of the pages of history as the stories unfold, showcasing England's past through this ancient art form.


A Magnificent Theatrical Performance

From the Performance

“To interest our esteemed audience, living history is being ridden before you, both the grey stallions Invasor and Americano where breed by Baroness Henrietta Bentinck the 1st duchess of Northampton, whose ancestor William Cavendish rode the very same bloodlines in his riding house in the 17th century.

The riding house at Bolsover Castle, was built by The Duke Newcastle for his equestrian masquerades which he and Benjamin Jonson created for Charles I, who with his Royal entourage would travel five days from London to be entertained.”


Captivating Stories of History Unfold

The Venues

The Royal Horse of England will be performed at a number of locations in the United Kingdom, including Bolsover Castle and other iconic venues.

Whatever the venue we will assure you of a close and intimate connection with a performance you will cherish forever.


The Royal Horse Of England


Verified Listing

, United Kingdom