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The Nurpur Bandobast

Nurpur, Pakistan Verified Listing

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Bespoke Adventures in The Heart of Punjab

At The Nurpur Bandobast, we create entirely bespoke journeys to Pakistan offering an exceptional range of activities and stunning places to explore, producing truly unique and memorable experiences for our guests. You will stay in one of Pakistan’s finest and most exclusive private homes providing you with comfort and delicious local foods throughout your stay.

Embrace the local culture as you gallop on your steed, witnessing some of the most beautiful sights in the world. Your holiday will start from Lahore, the Cultural Heart of Pakistan, where our guided tours will take you into the old city and markets where you can appreciate the history and culture while also eating out at the finest local restaurants.

Enter Nurpur Noon. Nestled in Sargodha, Punjab is the heart and soul of the horse riding community of Pakistan. With a facility inclusive of all experiences, one can only wonder and revel in the glorious views and majestic breeds which grace the landscape in its awe-inspiring beauty.

Experiences That Last a Lifetime

We provide several experiences which are unparalleled and distinctive, as seamless as cantering along the riverbank on your loyal equine companion. These experiences include:

  • Horse treks and day rides
  • Mounted hunting with the Peshawar Vale foxhounds
  • Walking, visiting local villages and experiencing local ways of life and culture
  • Visiting the salt ranges both on foot and/or on horse
  • Exploring the Jhelum River, boating, riding, camping
  • Camel and pony carriage rides
  • Polo, Nurpur has its own polo field allowing you access to learn, practice, and play matches
  • Tent pegging, a very popular equestrian sport in Pakistan
  • Visiting Katas Raj temples and other old Hindu temples in the salt range
  • Partridge shooting
  • Camel riding
  • Motorbike rides


Thrilling Vale Hunt

Polo & Riding - Our Way of Life

Nurpur has a renowned polo and racing stud located next to the house, where you have access to a large variety of horses to ride. The horses are almost all thoroughbreds, bred and trained for polo and ridden in polo saddles and tack. At Nurpur, polo and riding are a way of life, and the farm has an extensive network of dirt tracks allowing you to ride easily across the estate. We can take you on sedate short rides with picnics in-between or long horse treks taking you across the river Jhelum and into the Salt Range with a couple of nights camping on the route, riding through dramatic gorges and dry river valleys.

The River Jhelum's sandy banks allow you to let the horses really go, galloping along the river plain and then swimming with the horses in the river to cool off. You can play beach polo on the river islands where games are more casual and relaxed with a softer landing - suitable for polo beginners.

Hunting with the Peshawar Vale Hunt

For those wanting a truly thrilling experience on horseback than a normal farm ride, you can follow the Peshawar Vale Hunt, a pack of English foxhounds that were first established in Pakistan in 1843 to hunt jackals by scent, providing a fast and thrilling chase in pursuit of the cunning jackal that is in high abundance in this area, so much so that their howls echo through the land in the evenings. The hounds spend much of their season kenneled at Nurpur so hunts can be easily organised on request during your stay.


Scenic Polo Experience

Canter Along the Jhelum River

The Jhelum River is just a 20-minute drive from Nurpur or a two-hour ride for those keen to be on horseback. Days on the river can cater for both riders and non-riders. You will boat or ride across the river onto the sandy river islands where a barbeque lunch will be laid out. Here you can relax, ride and play polo and volleyball amongst other things. Camping nights can also be arranged, beneath the starry skies and on the islands for the more adventurous with dancing to local drummers around an open fire.


The Nurpur Bandobast


Verified Listing

Nurpur, Pakistan

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The Nurpur Experience (8D/7N)

The Nurpur Bandobast
Nurpur, Pakistan
GBP 3,300.00