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The Dancing Horses Theatre

Delavan, Wisconsin, United States Verified Listing

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The Dancing Horses Theatre

Located between Delavan and Lake Geneva Wis., this scenic park has something for everyone and especially horse loving families. The Animal Gardens Theme Park is a 40-acre venue, home to The Dancing Horses Theater as well as a park with a petting zoo, and several exhibits with 16 species of exotic and over 60 hay-eating animals. Train rides, wagon and pony rides for small children are also to be had.

Vegas-style Performance

The Dancing Horses Theater presents an enchanting Vegas-style performance, displaying visually stunning routines on horseback and acrobatic tricks. An array of horse breeds perform alongside their trainers and share their equestrian artistry with the spectators. They perform in a state of the art 300 seat air conditioned theater, which is both comfortable and accommodating. The show concludes with the Dancing Waters, which features hundreds of water jets that are choreographed to music and presented in a brilliant kaleidoscope of changing lights.


Highly Experienced Team

The current show, "The Power of a Dream" has been crafted to evoke childhood memories. This vision is executed by a talented team of creative, artistic and technical professionals including performers who have worked for All The King’s Horses, Arabian Nights, Ringling Bros, Universal Orlando and Disney World.


Technical Professionals

Backstage Tour

After the show, treat yourself to a "Behind-The-Scenes" experience. Discover how the performing horses are trained and have an opportunity to ask questions as well as see the horses up close and personal and learn more about each one.



Dancing Horses Theatre 5065 Hwy 50 Delavan, Wisconsin


O'Hare International Airport

The Dancing Horses Theatre


Verified Listing

Delavan, Wisconsin, United States