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TC Ranch Horsemanship

Texas, Virtual Verified Listing

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Building Trust and Relationships

At the core of every relationship, there must be trust, honesty and authenticity. Here at TC Ranch Horsemanship, this is what every interaction between each individual and their equine partner is formulated on. From working with horses that lack confidence, to starting a horse out in their journey alongside humans, the programs at TC Ranch are all designed to offer means for both humans and their four-legged counterparts to build connections, and enjoy each other’s company. There is truly nothing more heart-warming than being able to observe relationships formulated between horses and humans that stems from mutual trust and contentment.

About the Owner

It has been almost 30 years since the owner of TC Ranch, Juan Vendrell, has ventured into the world of horsemanship. He received his education in this field from renowned horsemen like Algonso Aguilar, Martin Black, Mike Sears, Chris Cox, Buster McLaury, and Craig Cameron, among others, testament to the quality and authenticity present in the training sessions offered at TC Ranch. Another large aspect of Juan’s work is centered on rebuilding confidence in horses that had been treated poorly in the past. In 2011, he was the first European trainer to participate in the Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover in Fort Worth, Texas. Currently, he collaborates with True Blue Animal Rescue, working with nervous horses that have been rescued. As a result of his great influence in the natural horsemanship world, Juan regularly participates in fairs and events in the U.S. and Europe. In April 2013 and 2014 Juan was invited to participate in the Horsemen's Re-Union in Paso Robles, CA, where twenty of the best horsemen from different countries started forty colts in six days and they shared their philosophy about horsemanship, and even had his book about horsemanship which he presented at Equitana in 2015. He has also been invited to be a clinician at major horse shows and events such as Global Equus International in Brazil in 2016, and in 2017, an international event for Equine Ethology and Handling organised by the Mexican Association of Veterinarians specializing in Equines.


Learning the ropes of horsemanship

Build Confidence in Riding with Juan Vendrells Virtual Clinics

These virtual clinics can help you to put theory into practice. These are a great opportunity to discuss horses & horsemanship with Juan Vendrell – two time Horsemen’s Re-Union participant. Get ready for a real experience from the comfort of your home!

There are no pre-requisites. Any rider of any level and in any discipline, can benefit from these clinics. From colt starting to problem solving, Juan will cover any level you are interested in. These clinics will help you to improve your riding skills and build your confidence understanding horse behavior through real horsemanship. You will learn to accept different circumstances and different challenges. You always choose your subject of interest / discussion. During the session you can bring as many questions as you want, and you and Juan can solve them face to face (albeit online) in real time. Once you book a session, the Cavago Virtual Learning team will get in touch with you and you can submit videos of yourself riding that you'd like Juan's guidance on during your online clinic with him. Each session can help you and give you new ideas that you can put in practice and we can review de results in the next one. It is a very private and personal formula that can give you the tools you need to improve your communication with your horse.

Once you apply for the virtual clinic you can set up the day and the time that is most convenient for you. You can always change your appointment 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. Session are offered in English and Spanish.

A Vacation with Horses

Beyond learning about horsemanship and delving into liberty work with horses, TC Ranch Horsemanship offers a tranquil and relaxing environment for you to enjoy a holiday that every equestrian would dream of. Typically known as ‘gentle giants’, horses have the ability to calm one down simply with their presence. Reconnect with nature in the few days you spend at TC Ranch, and re-establish a sense of peace as you spend time with their four-legged friends.


Juan and Ira

Riding with Confidence

Perhaps you want to work with horses and enjoy riding again, but due to a negative experience in the past, you feel nervous around them. TC Ranch Horsemanship is the place to be – beyond working with nervous horses, they also have programs designed for riders needing to build their confidence. Feeling comfortable and safe around our four-legged friends is paramount to being able to work with them effectively, as this relationship needs to be based on mutual trust. Find yourself back in the saddle in no time with Juan’s guidance and patience, and set off on a journey to rediscover your love for horses.


Tc Ranch Horsemanship


Verified Listing

Texas, Virtual

Activities at facility


Virtual Clinics with Juan Vendrell (Continuous/Assisted online session/program/ 12 month program. 1 monthly session)

TC Ranch Horsemanship
Texas, Virtual
SGD 605.55

Virtual Clinics with Juan Vendrell (Live private online session. Duration :1 hour)

TC Ranch Horsemanship
Texas, Virtual
SGD 67.28

Horsemanship and Riding Lesson (With Privately-Owned Horse)

TC Ranch Horsemanship
Texas, Virtual
SGD 135.00