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Sussex Lusitanos

Worplesdon, United Kingdom Verified Listing

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Discover your dream pedigree horse with Sussex Lusitanos, breeders extraordinaire

For decades, the noble Lusitano has been bred and loved for its functionality, robust independence, and strong character. Tied to Portugal by association and climate, the breed’s endearing traits have nonetheless won over the hearts of many enthusiasts in the UK.

That’s where Sussex Lusitanos comes in - the UK’s leading promoter and supplier of the Lusitano. This small team of experienced breeders have one objective: to maintain the Lusitano’s distinctive characteristics and temperament for owners with good taste.

Similarly passionate about the spirited Lusitano? Sussex Lusitanos is the go-to place to make lifelong connections with these beautiful beasts. The team has a penchant for matching riders with the perfect horse.

About us

We are a team with over 35 years of experience in acquiring well-bred Lusitano horses for clients in the UK and worldwide.

Sussex Lusitanos has acquired a particular reputation for its professional service - meeting all client requirements and matching them to the ideal horse. For the premium experience, viewing trips to Portugal can be arranged, in order to watch the beautiful Lusitano horse in its native habitat.

But that’s not all there is to do at Sussex Lusitanos!

You can contact Sussex Lusitanos at the official Facebook page.


Train with international instructors

Training clinics with Olympic and International level instructors

Sussex Lusitanos hosts bi-annual training clinics with three-time Olympic rider and Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art instructor, Rafael Soto Andrade. A master of the craft, Mr. Andrade is a leading trainer and mentor to a long line of international riders.

Visit Sussex Lusitanos’ high profile Iberian displays

Sussex Lusitanos deep love for Iberian breeds translates to some of the most celebrated Iberian displays in the world. Their horses are displayed in the Iberian Performance Show in Surrey, the Royal Windsor Horse Show and so many more!


Discover your dream pedigree horse

More exciting offerings for Lusitano lovers

Attend three-day or weekly classical riding courses at the prestigious Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. Be a part of the “wow experience” to watch the masters at work in this longstanding institution.

Take an organized holiday to events in Portugal, from the prestigious Golega Fair and the International Festival for the Lusitano Horse in Cascais to the Ponte de Lima Horse Fair.


Sussex Lusitanos


Verified Listing

Worplesdon, United Kingdom