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Student of the Horse

Bridgnorth, United Kingdom Verified Listing

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Master Horsemanship with Student of the Horse

Nurture your passion for horses when you learn at Student of the Horse.
Spearheaded by Arran Parker, Student of the Horse allows its students the unique opportunity to experience the world of horses as if for the first time, even if you’re a seasoned pro.
Arran is a true horseman and has been for over twenty years, his goal with teaching is to achieve the moment where two minds and bodies work together. As the student, you will learn but you will realise that when you continue to learn you become a master. Student of the Horse opens you’re the door to infinite possibilities for learning, creativity and enjoyment in horsemanship.

Learn Horsemanship with Arran Parker

Arran’s love and passion for what he does shines through every interaction he has with his horses and with his students. He has dedicated his life to horsemanship, listening to horses, observing their behaviour and educating them all from his little wooden cabin in Shropshire.
When you learn with Arran, you too will become endlessly mesmerised by horses and the art of horsemanship. Whether you are just starting out with horses aand want to get off to the best start, or you are already an advanced rider but want to take your work to the next level. Student of the Horse is a great place to learn, get focused and transform your practice while learning from the best in the craft.
People flock from all over to become a Student of the Horse and the facility welcomes International Students as well as those who don’t own a horse but want to follow their passion with one of the facilities’ Mastery Horses.


Private Mentorship with Arran Parker

Join Arran’s Introduction to Academic Dressage

Take part in a six-module video introductory course exploring the core principles of academic dressage:
• Basic Horsemanship Skills
• Groundwork
• In Hand Skills
• Lunging
• Riding
• Liberty

Online Coaching
Working with many top trainers around the world in a variety of different equestrian disciplines has allowed Arran to find his own truth and enjoyment in the academic art of horsemanship. With his life and family built around horses Arran enjoys sharing it with his students all over the world. Film your work (10 – 20 minutes in length), share it with Arran and then arrange a one-to-one online coaching session where you will receive feedback regarding your work.

Private Coaching
Receiving regular mentoring by excellent professional coaches is the best way for the amateur and professional equestrians to master their craft. If you’re a resident or visiting the UK and you’d like to book a one-to-one lesson with Arran at Student of the Horse HQ in the beautiful Shropshire countryside then please get in touch.

The Genuine Horse Development Course
The Genuine Horse Development Course is a 6-module programme focussing on the six key elements of training:
Basic Horsemanship Skills
In Hand Skills

The course includes:

Six theory modules and demo sessions over a two-day period (weekdays or weekends) that you can either attend in person here at Student of the Horse HQ or from the comfort of your laptop (via Zoom). Each Module equates to approximately two hours of one-to-one coaching in the arena, which can now take place either following a theory module and demo session, or at a mutually convenient Training Day later in the month. It will also now be possible to attend your training days in a one-on-one capacity or in a small group where you’re able to observe each other’s work. Alternatively, if you’d rather not travel at all you can film your own work and schedule a feedback session via Zoom for each Module. <>br>
You can also board your horses, or access school horses, allowing yourself to experience exercises ahead of you and/or your own horses age and stage. Additional one-to-one private coaching at a discounted hourly rate, either in person or via Zoom.

You will have the opportunity to observe Arran’s ‘Foal to Professor’ journey with multiple horses and stallions of different ages, either in person or via the private Facebook Group. Along with this, you also enjoy access to Student of the Horse’s upcoming Coaching Video Library, which will include recordings of each Module of the GHDC (should you be unable to attend either live or via Zoom), as well as additional content, including ‘how to’ guides. It will also include access to all recorded footage from the GHDC 2020 Modules. Regular opportunities to holiday with your horse at Student of the Horse HQ in the beautiful Shropshire countryside. This comes with an online folder containing detailed notes and diagrams of the six training components and access to optional testing and assessment days to track your ongoing progress as well as unlimited email support.

As this course is already fully booked for 2021, please get in touch with us for more information on the GHDC 2022.


Breeding Programme at Dudmaston Stud

Holiday Livery & Dudmaston Stud Breeding Programme

Our bespoke livery service includes either holiday livery or long term, as well as stud packages and weaning programmes, and has the welfare and safety of our horses at the core. We have based our livery packages around offering the horse every opportunity to thrive by incorporating innovative management and our belief that keeping horses as close to nature as possible will allow them and us the best life together. Our dedicated team of professionals work closely with owners to make sure that the horses have every element of their welfare taken care of whilst they are in our care. 24-hour supervision means you can have peace of mind and confidence that your horse will be taken care of 365 days a year.

The cost of livery includes use of all the facilities (hot and cold shower, solarium) and all the surfaces, storage space and use of the heated tack room, daily care and twenty-four-hour supervision from Arran, not to mention some of the most beautiful hacking in the Shropshire countryside. Arran is also available for all farrier, veterinary and dental check-ups on-site. Having had our hay, haylage and grass analysed by Forage Plus we now offer a bespoke vitamin and mineral supplement as part of your livery package. The cost is £12 a day (for holiday liveries), which works out to £365 a month (for long term stays).

Our facilities include:
- 20m x 60m arena with training mirrors and theory hut (with log burner, hot drinks, and food making facilities,) allows year-round undercover viewing, along with built in PA designed to create an optimal learning space.
- 25m round pen and picadero offer alternative spaces to allow you a freedom to train. Our wonderful open spaces and beautiful hacking means you can enjoy your horses in several fabulous locations.
- Secure tack room and parking mean your equipment and vehicles can be kept safe and easy access.

The breeding programme at Dudmaston Stud is a fundamental part of the production of this facility's next generation of amazing horses. They carefully select their mares and stallions using their experience and passion from years of working with many different breeds of horse. They have focused on Iberian breeds, particularly PRE’s with their great aptitudes and conformation.

By allowing their horses to have the best start possible with an equi-centered management system, Student of the Horse has generated perfect horse-human partnerships all over the world.

For more information on our breeding programme please get in touch.


By car

Student of the Horse is located between Bridgnorth and Stourbridge in the beautiful Shropshire countryside. Please Google Student of the Horse for exact directions.

Student Of The Horse


Verified Listing

Bridgnorth, United Kingdom