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Scott Trees Photography

Tryon, United States Verified Listing

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In the Lens of Scott Trees: A Visual Ode to Equine Splendor

Through his lens, Trees has masterfully captured the essence of horses. His photographs encapsulate their strength, agility, and beauty, while also conveying their gentle and noble nature. Whether it’s a horse galloping freely in a sun-drenched meadow, a rider and horse in perfect harmony during a dressage routine, or the quiet moments shared between a foal and its mother, Trees’ images evoke a sense of awe and admiration for these incredible animals.

One of the defining features of Trees’ equine photography is his ability to depict the intimate connection between horses and their human partners. He skillfully captures the trust, understanding, and partnership that exist between a rider and their horse. In his images, we witness the unspoken language between horse and rider, the synchronicity of movement, and the deep bond that develops over time.

In addition to his technical prowess, Trees’ artistic eye and attention to detail are evident in every photograph. He expertly plays with light, using it to enhance the form and texture of the horse’s mane, to create dramatic silhouettes against a setting sun, or to illuminate the horse’s eye, revealing its soulful gaze. Through his compositions, he frames the horse within its natural environment, showcasing the harmony between the animal and its surroundings.

Scott Trees’ equine photography has garnered widespread recognition and admiration. His work has been featured in prestigious equine magazines, art galleries, and exhibitions. His images have graced the covers of books and calendars, becoming iconic representations of the equestrian world.


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Global Work Recognition

Having worked in over 20 countries and established workshops with various cultures, traditions, and landscapes, the extent of Scott's experience and mastery of his craft knows no bounds. Two things are ensured when one gets to experience him in his element: they fall in love with art, and they develop an enthusiasm for horses.


Rallying The Herd

Client Testimonials

"You have captured some magnificent beauty; the diversity of your gallery is amazing. I admire your talent" ~ Lydia H.

"You are a treasure. I will never forget you saying 'Put your cameras down, turn around and close your eyes.' I can still feel and hear the horses running through the river at Sombrero. You have an amazing gift and you share not just what you know but what you feel and sense." ~ MaryJane B. on attending the Sombrero Workshop

"I want to thank you for the wonderful and compelling presentation you gave to our community last week. The residents, staff, and marketing guests thoroughly enjoyed the rich images and amazing stories. We hope to have you back again next year for another great event." - Eric Jensen, Sun Terrace Prosser

"Thank you for being an inspiration to truly live and experience, thank you for sharing so much with all of us." ~ Stephanie D.


Monochrome Magnificence


Scott Trees Photography


Verified Listing

Tryon, United States

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7 Day Spring Photo Tour - April 2024

Scott Trees Photography
Tryon, United States
USD 3,499.00