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Saraa's Horse Treks Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Verified Listing

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Veterans of the Mongolian Steppes

Saraa’s Horse Trek Mongolia was founded by Saraa and her husband Baagii. As local horse herding family and horse trekking experts they have been organizing wonderful rides all across Mongolia for over 20 years. With their team of local guides and operators, this is an excellent choice for a well organized and thrilling adventure.

Mongolia gives a new meaning to open Country Riding

Situated in Central Asia, Mongolia is a country unique for its nomadic culture based on animal husbandry and warm hospitality. Three times the size of France, it is home to just 3 million people, half of whom live in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. So most of it still consists of vast, empty, gorgeous natural scenery. That also means most modern conveniences of any kind are unavailable in most of the country. If foregoing modern comforts sounds like a small price to pay for riding through vast open steppes and mountains, then this is for you.


Ride like a Mongolian Child!

Mongolia’s horses have a reputation for being tough and stubborn, but also very fun to ride, giving the rider an unparalleled sense of freedom. Strong and sure footed, they are perfectly adapted to their environment. They have unique endurance from living outdoors on the steppe all their lives. The herds are used to extreme conditions, finding their own food and water and are able to go really long distances: after all, their ancestors carried the Mongol hordes all the way to Western Europe in the 13th century. So let loose and ride like a Mongolian child!


The Rides: Find Luxury in the Experience!

The expeditions offered by Saraa's Horse Trek Mongolia are all different, each with their own attractions and riding levels. Some are great for families and others are strictly for very fit advanced riders. You’ll be camping for most of your trip, whether that’s in a tent or a ger or yurt. Showers or bathrooms are not part of the equipment but a satellite phone will be in case of emergency.



Day 1: Flight to Muruun then by car to Khatgal, Khuvsgul Lake (same day or next day)

Day 2: Arrive at Khatgal, Khuvsgul

Day 3: Ride to Dahai (Forest and Lake Side)

Day 4: Ride to Jigleg (Mountainous and marshy area)

Day 5: Ride to Hachinii Uudeg (Riverside and Steppe)

Day 6: Ride to Songinot (Mostly hills and Steppe)

Day 7: Ride to Renchinlumbe (Steppe side)

Day 8: Ride to Sharga Taiga (Forest with Stream water) Arrive at the Tsaatan People’s Camp where we stay overnight

Day 9: Ride to Tsagaan nuur (Steppe and lake area)

Day 10: Stay in Renchinlumbe (Local Village)

Day 11: Ride to Khoridol Saridag (Great Mountainous area)

Day 12: Ride to Jankhai (Near to the Khatgal)

Day 13: Reach Khatgal and prepare to head back to Ulaanbaatar by car

Day 14: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar


Day 1: Transfer from Ulaanbaatar to home camp and beginning of horse trek tour Departure from Ulaanbaatar to home camp in the morning, located 2 hours east of the city. Meeting the crew, befriending and packing the horses , followed by lunch at home camp finishes the preparation, so that we are able to begin our trip. From now on, overnight stays will be primarily in tents.

Day 2 – Day 5: En route to Tunkhel We pass through taiga forests, cross rivers, ride through the steppe and along the tracks of the Trans-Siberian railway for a while. After 150km on horseback, we reach Tunkhel where we rest in a simple, but cosy wood hut (no running water but electricity).

Day 6: Tunkhel hut Take a day to relax. Whoever is keen can explore the surrounding area by joining a 4 to 5 hour long ridge walk in the transitioning terrain between mountain steppe and Taiga forest.

Day 7 – Day 11: Horseback riding Well rested, we resume our journey on horseback and follow a different route back to home camp that awaits us 150km away. By now, you will be comfortably familiar with your horse so that you can absorb sensations and views even better. On the day of arrival at home camp, we well say farewell to the crew and the horses. After a meal, you will return to Ulaanbaatar where you check in at a hotel of choice.

Day 12: Resumption to individual travel plans


Day 1: Mounted on horse After breakfast, we leave Ulaanbaatar and drive east for about 2 hours until we reach the horses at camp. We have time for a short introduction of home camp from rangers and getting to know the horses. We enjoy a cup of Mongolian milk-tea, coffee or tea before we head off on our adventure. Overnight stay in a tent.

Day 2 – 3: En route to “thematic yurt camp 13. Century” We continue riding in direction of “13. Century thematic yurt camp” for 2 days, passing through forests, crossing rivers and travelling endless steppe landscapes. For most of the time, our horses walk unhurried. The accompanying vehicle is always close by, always leaving the option to take a lift for parts of the distance. Once “13. Century yurt camp” is reached, we visit the first themed yurts. Overnight stay in a tent or yurt.

Day 4: Visiting the “13. Century” On horse or by car we visit more themed yurts close by and stay at this camp for another night.

Day 5: Riding towards Turkish monument and Tuul river On day 5, a wonderful stretch through mountains, passing nomadic yurts awaits. We will visit the Turkish monument and set up camp close to the Tuul river.

Day 6: Arrival at home camp and return to Ulaanbaatar. Even the last day presents us with unforgettable impressions. One more time, we absorb the unique landscape of our loyal and reliable horse’s backs. We make our way to the well-known Turtle Rock, located in Terelj National Park. As their last favour, our horses will carry us back to camp across a mountain pass. We wish farewell to the horses and the crew before returning to Ulaanbaatar, where we check in to a hotel of choice.


Day 1: Flight from Ulaanbaatar to Bayan Olgii. Flight duration with a direct flight about 3 ½ h Arrival in Bayan Olgii, check-in at the Hotel, possibly shopping and city sight-seeing.

Day 2: Drive to the Eagle Hunters. The duration of the drive is around 1 to 1 ½ hours (30 km earth road). Lunch at the eagle hunter family. In the afternoon, horse riding into the mountains for 2 to 3 hours with the eagle hunter and his eagle. Dinner and overnight stay in one of the typical Kazakh Gers of the eagle hunter family.

Day 3: First Base Camp of the National Park Tavon Bogduul. Drive of 5 to 6 hours by car on a dirt road through beautiful mountain and river landscapes (Tsaagangool river/white river) until we reach the first base camp at 2500 meters. Overnight stay in a Ger Camp.

Day 4: Horse riding to the second Base Camp at 3000 m. Horse riding with pack-camels to the second base camp, which lies at the foot of the Maltsehin Uul Mountain (around 5 hours). Overnight stay in tents, with breathtaking views, possible walk to the glacier.

Day 5: Ascend of the Maltsehin Uul Mountain to the second Base Camp. Around 5am, begin of the ascend of the Maltsehin Uul Mountain with a Mongolian mountain guide. Duration of the hike around 7 to 8 hours. We have to add one additional day due to varying weather conditions. Overnight stay in a tent at the second base camp.

Day 6 or 7: Horse riding back to the first Base Camp. Late morning, horse ride to the green lake and back to the first base camp. Overnight stay at the first base camp in tent or Ger camp.

Day 7 or 8: Car drive back to Bayan Olgii. Drive to Bayan Olgii, around 5 to 6 hours, possible site-seeing of the city and buying of souvenirs. Overnight stay in a Hotel.

Day 9: Fight back to Ulaanbaatar. The flight may be postponed due to weather conditions, therefore the flight out of Mongolia cannot immediately follow the day after the trek.


Day 1: Drive to Kahkhorin, the former capital city of Mongolia, 365km and around 5 to 6 hours driving from Ulaanbaatar Visit of the Monastery and Museum of Kahkorin in the afternoon. Overnight stay in a Ger Camp in Kahkorin.

Day 2: Drive to the Orkhan Waterfall. Car drive through the Orkhan valley to the waterfalls, 120km dirt road and around 5 to 6 hours car drive. Sight-seeing of the waterfall. Overnight stay in a Ger Camp.

Day 3: Begin of the horse trek to the 8 lakes Horse riding through lovely forests, crossing rivers, the steppe and over a pass which will lead into the highlands of the 8 lakes. In total around 35km, overnight stay in tents at the first lake.

Day 4 and 5: Riding to the biggest of the 8 lakes. We will ride to the biggest lake with our pack horses, around 20km where we will set up our next tent camp. We will spend the afternoon climbing and swimming in the lake. On request and with good weather we can stay a full day. Horse-riding to the remaining lakes in the wonderful countryside.

Day 6: leaving the highlands of the 8 lakes over a mountain pass into the Uliagastein river valley Once recovered, we will get back into the saddle and ride back over a different pass, which will lead us into a fabulous valley, scattered with lava stones and continue on into the Uliagastein river valley. Overnight stay in tents, around 35 to 40km of riding.

Day 7: Riding in the Ulangastein river valley. Along the beautiful Ulangastein river, we will be riding another 25 to 35km.

Day 8: Over magnificent hilly landscapes back to the Ger Camp at the Waterfall. Beautiful ride through the hilly landscapes, forests and valleys.

Day 9: Drive back until the Hustai National Park Around 7 to 8 hours drive to a Ger Camp, not far from Hustai National Park.

Day 10: Sight-seeing in the Hustai National Park. Sight-seeing in the famous Hustai National park, where we will see Deer and the Takki horses. Departure around 6am, in order to see as many animals as possible. Arrival in Ulaanbaatar in the late afternoon.


Day 1: Drive to home camp Leaving of the city in the morning towards home camp, located a 2 hour drive east from Ulaanbaatar. A possible stop allows the buying of snacks and other personal items. Once at home camp, horses will be allocated and packhorses loaded. After lunch at home camp, we set off on our trek into Mongolia’s breathtaking wilderness. From now on, all over night stays will be in tent.

Day 2 – 4: En route to the moraine-dammed lake We ride along the Tuul River and traverse it multiple times. Traveling through a diverse mixture of landscapes such as swampland, steppe and taiga forests. At the end of day 4, we reach the moraine-dammed lake Khaki Khan Nuur (black lake).

Day 5: Khaki Khan Nuur. We take a swim with the horses in the lake, hike around the area or simple rest and absorb the unique landscapes of the national park.

Day 6: Through taiga forests on horseback Leaving the lake behind, we start traveling back towards home camp, heading south on a different route that leads us through taiga forests.

Day 7 – 8: Alternating steppe and river scenery. On horseback, we appreciate the passing landscapes and inhale the fresh air as we comfortably ride towards home camp.

Day 9: Arrival at home camp and return to Ulaanbaatar. In the early afternoon we reach home camp. After lunch and saying farewell to horses and the crew, you return to Ulaanbaatar and check in to a hotel of choice. Departure from Mongolia


1st Day: Transfer from Ulaanbaatar to the Camp and begin the Horse trek. You will start off with a 2 hour car drive from Ulaanbaatar to the Camp in the morning. Once in the camp, you will get to know the Crew and the horses. With almost 200 horses and cows you will start the trek to the Winter Camp in the Khentii. From now on, overnight stays mostly in tents.

2nd to 6th Day: Riding with the herd. You will ride through the impressive Mongolian Steppe, crossing several large rivers. After around 200km in the saddle, we will reach the winter camp in the Khentii where you will stay in Gers.

7th Day: Herder Ger Camp. A whole day to relax or, for anyone who wants to, a 2 to 3 hour ride in the gorgeous valleys of the Khentii, or climbing one of the surrounding hills by foot.

8th to 12th Day: Riding, once recovered you will be back in the Saddle and ride the 200km back to the Camp, this time you will be riding faster as we do not have the herd to ride with. By now, you are familiar with your horses and can enjoy the surrounding nature even more. When arriving in the camp, you will give back your horses. After a last meal and goodbyes to the Crew, you will drive back to Ulaanbaatar (around 2 hours) and stay in the Hotel of your choice.

13th Day: Return trip to your country or individual program.


Day 1: Early morning drive to the camp, about 70km outside of Ulaanbaatar. Instructions for the riding tour, luggage loading in the vehicle traveling with us and then start towards Khentii. We will have a break every 2 to 3 hours and have a one-hour lunch break at noon. In the evening we arrive in an already assembled camp.

Day 2 to 6: We ride with the same rhythm through breathtaking scenery of Chinggis Khaan’s birthplace, wonderful steppe, hilly and rocky landscapes with beautiful forest sections.

Day 7: In the afternoon arrival at the camp and return to Ulaanbaatar.



Chingeltei district, 1 Khoroo, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. All treks leave from Ulaanbaatar. The Great Mongolian Charity ride leaves from Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, Bayan-Ulgii, Western Mongolia.


Chinggis Khaan International Airport

Saraa's Horse Treks Mongolia


Verified Listing

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia