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Sand N’ Saddle

Rio Bueno, Jamaica Verified Listing

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An Unforgettable Equestrian Experience

At Sand N' Saddle, we offer more than just a horseback ride - we provide an extraordinary journey where each ride unfolds into a story you'll remember for a lifetime. Whether you're an experienced rider seeking a thrilling canter, or a family wanting to experience the beauty of nature on horseback, we've got you covered. Our attentive and passionate team ensures your safety, comfort, and enjoyment. Our distinct approach and unique services have won the hearts of our guests, making us one of the top choices for horseback riding tours.

Meet Our Horses, Experience Our Hospitality

The heart of our operation lies in our well-maintained, professionally trained horses, which are as friendly as they are majestic. Duchess, among our other four-legged friends, eagerly awaits to join you on your memorable ride. Our facility, curated and managed by the warm-hearted Jessica, aims to make everyone feel at home. Our team, including the dedicated Dwight and Markland, goes the extra mile to make your ride comfortable and unforgettable, making sure your stirrups are secure, your horse is well-behaved, and your smiles are wide!


A Family Adventure

Unwind, Connect, and Make a Splash

The uniqueness of Sand N' Saddle lies in our extraordinary finale: a cool off in the sea with your horse! After a breathtaking trail ride, feel your adrenaline mix with the waves as you and your horse take a dip in the pristine Caribbean sea.

Our scenic rides, combined with this refreshing endnote, have our guests raving about their experiences and eager to return. Enjoy the best of both worlds - the peace and serenity of a trail ride paired with the exhilaration of swimming on horseback. Experience the magic of Sand N' Saddle - where horseback riding adventures meet memorable beachside escapes.


Just Breathe, Relax



Upon arrival guests will see a sign on the left before Meliã Braco Hotel that says BAMBOO BEACH CLUB. Turn left at this sign and stay right as you proceed down the dirt road. Guests will then see Bamboo Beach's white gate entrance on the left. Drive through the gate and follow the bamboo fence. Turn left and you'll see the blue and white building. Bamboo Beach Club shows up on GPS/google maps but please follow the directions above as this will allow you to avoid a more difficult route.

Sand N’ Saddle


Verified Listing

Rio Bueno, Jamaica

Activities at facility


50-Minute Trail Ride & Sea Swim

Sand N’ Saddle
Rio Bueno, Jamaica
USD 80.00

Private Canter for the Experienced

Sand N’ Saddle
Rio Bueno, Jamaica
USD 120.00