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Salty Cowboy

Kendungu, Canggu, Indonesia Verified Listing

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Riding, Surfing and Fun in the Sun

Kedungu Beach is a picture perfect beach as would be expected of beaches in Bali except it is less crowded than normal tourist beaches here . The experience of riding on the well looked after horses of Salty Cowboy is therefore a serene, calm experience for yourself and your loved ones. The fun-loving team running this stable will make you feel safe and ensure an unforgettable experience for all level of riders. Just make sure you are 70 kg or under to ride here!

What they say:

One rider Jolene from Singapore raves about this experience - " An experience so good I've had people ask me if I was even in Bali. Calm, Quiet, Serene. It'd come as no surprise that one craves for such peace amidst the hustle and bustle in the heart of Bali. Rescue-horse riding school and shelter, Salty Cowboy, is located at Kedungu Beach-- a stone's throw away from the famous Tanah Lot (*Pantai Kedungu appears to be where locals gather, a great spot away from tourists). A 40min grabbike from Seminyak to Salty Cowboy treated us with picturesque views of rice terraces, and chats with the Grabbike driver on the beauty of countryside and the Balinese life. For a city bumpkin myself who's never ridden out in nature, being with Whiskey (horse featured in picture) and my guide Ryan from the Salty Cowboy was a dream come true. Thank you @my_cavago for this gift. Looking forward to visit more horses around the world."


Breakfast at the Little Ripper Cafe

Delicious Pescatarian Meals at The Little Ripper Bali

Just about a minute away from Salty Cowboy, you’ll find the Little Ripper Cafe. This quaint little space not only has great coffees, but also has the most instagrammable food! It’s as much a treat for your eyes as it is for your taste buds. Of the many amazing things on their menu, the fresh fruit juices, delightful breakfast foods and scrumptious sourdough donuts are some of our personal favourites. The Salty Cowboy and Little Ripper teams together will make your trip incredibly memorable.

Ride in Safe Hands with Rescue Horses-

Among their amazing rides that cater to all levels of riders, there are also many other reasons why you may want to ride with Salty Cowboy during your visit to Bali. This organization has highly experienced, professional trainers who will make sure you are in safe hands during slow beach-side rides, as well as during the more adventurous sports. Apart from this, all horses at Salty Cowboy are rescues that are well fed and taken care of with a lot of heart! The team at Salty Cowboy is determined to make sure you have an amazing time when you ride with them.


Ride through the crashing waves

Calm Beach Rides or an Adrenaline Rush

If you’re looking for a bit of an adrenaline rush, you can opt for Horse Beachboarding or the Surf & Ride. This thrilling activity will definitely give your calm beach holiday a touch of adventure and the adrenaline rush where you need it. Though, be vary, these sports are suitable only for very experienced riders.



Located in Canggu, Salty Cowboy is approx 1 hour (26.7km) from Bali International Airport, via Jl. Sunset (Sunset Road)

Salty Cowboy


Verified Listing

Kendungu, Canggu, Indonesia

Activities at facility


Horse Riding on the Beach - 60mins (Afternoon Sessions 3:30pm & 5:00pm)

Salty Cowboy
Kendungu, Canggu, Indonesia
USD 47.98

Horse Riding in the Rice Fields - 60mins (Morning Sessions 8:30am & 10am)

Salty Cowboy
Kendungu, Canggu, Indonesia
USD 50.93

Insta Shoot/Tour - One Afternoon Session only

Salty Cowboy
Kendungu, Canggu, Indonesia
USD 90.06