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Rodrigo Matos

Lisbon, Portugal Verified Listing


Gain Confidence When You Learn Classical Dressage with Rodrigo Matos

Rodrigo Matos is a world-renowned professional dressage trainer. For nineteen years, he was a Principle Rider with the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art and was also a Senior Level Instructor at Morgado Lusitano. In recent years, he has travelled around the world training equestrians of all levels in the art of Classical Dressage.
Train with the best and invite Rodrigo Matos for a clinic at your facility! Rodrigo even provides virtual online clinics due to current restrictions.
Build a trusting relationship with your horse when you book training with Rodrigo Matos through Cavago!

Communication is Key

Rodrigo’s teaching philosophy is centred around the belief that communication with your horse is built upon passion, love and respect. Lessons are focused on fostering a harmonious relationship between horse and rider.
Having schooled multiple horses and guided a myriad of horse-rider combinations from varied backgrounds, Rodrigo focuses largely on the chemistry between horse and rider, regardless of experience.
He believes in recognising and growing talent, as well as focusing on the process of growth in each partnership.

Classical Riding

Working in Harmony with Lusitanos

At the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, Rodrigo gained a wealth of experience in schooling and training horses. In particular, he performed with highly talented and athletic Lusitano horses, including movements such as capriole, levade and courbette.
During the shows, Rodrigo also worked with the other riders as a part of a ten rider quadrille.
In 2007, Rodrigo had the honour to perform with the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art in Paris for the first joint presentation of the four European Schools of Classical Dressage.

World-Renowned Clinics with Rodrigo Matos

Rodrigo travels extensively to teach aspiring dressage riders from all over the globe. Being one of the most well-sought after clinicians for dressage, he has travelled for several months a year at a time. Given the current pandemic, it is timely that Rodrigo has been able to continue his passion of teaching budding dressage riders and horses internationally through offering clinics virtually.
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Rodrigo Matos


Verified Listing

Lisbon, Portugal