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Rebecca Walters Polo

Midhurst, United Kingdom Verified Listing

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Learn Perfect Polo with Rebecca Walters

Are you interested in improving your polo skills or simply just want to be coached by the best? Receive 1-2-1 coaching with Rebecca Walters, a top international female polo player and coach. With Rebecca, learn the fundamentals of becoming a good polo player on and off the pitch. Train with Rebecca and receive coaching on horse and rider connection, rider fitness, swing and tactics as well as mental and physical coping mechanisms required to become the best polo player you can be.

Get Trained by Renowned International Polo Player Rebecca Walters

Rebecca has been playing polo for the last 12 years and has advanced quickly within the sport. She has dedicated her last 5 years solely to the sport of polo as a professional and travelled internationally competing at the highest levels. During this time Rebecca travelled to countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Argentina and China coaching and mentoring new players inspiring them to take up the sport.
Since making the move into professional Polo in 2016, Rebecca has improved year on year and now holds a 6 goal ladies handicap and is dedicated to continually improving her skills in the sport. Her dedicated training regime is complemented by eating healthy and leading a balanced lifestyle.


Receive 1-2-1 Polo Coaching!

Exclusive 1-2-1 Coaching with Rebecca

Whether you're just a beginner or quite advanced in your polo skills, Rebecca offers coaching to Polo players of all levels of expertise. She also offers special online coaching for those interested in learning remotely. So, no matter where you are or what your skill level is, nothing will stop you improving and reaching your full polo potential.


Learn from a professional polo player and coach


Rebecca Walters Polo


Verified Listing

Midhurst, United Kingdom

Activities at facility


1-2-1 Online Polo Coaching/Mentoring Session (1 hour)

Rebecca Walters Polo
Midhurst, United Kingdom
GBP 55.73

1-2-1 Polo Lesson beginner (1 hour)

Rebecca Walters Polo
Midhurst, United Kingdom
GBP 185.77

1-2-1 Polo Lesson Intermediate (30 minutes)

Rebecca Walters Polo
Midhurst, United Kingdom
GBP 111.46