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Rahal Ranch

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Verified Listing

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Legendary Bedouine Horseman

Home of the internationally renowned, legendary bedouine horseman, Ali Al Ameri, Rahal Ranch is a horse training facility based on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi. the ranch specializes in fixing problem horses, training for film and live events and offers lessons and chalet services as well.

Blending Traditional and Modern Horsemanship

Rahal Ranch prides itself on its history of rehabilitating problem horses, curating live events and working with acclaimed filmmakers. Utilizing some of the most modern horsemanship know how, Rahal Ranch has become the preferred destination for many equine enthusiasts, due to its picturesque location nestled in the heart of the desert. Established in 2005, Rahal Ranch is a family run business with foundations that have been built upon a passion for horses, passed down through generations.


Blending Traditional and Modern Horsemanship

Ali Al Ameri

Ali Al Ameri was born as a Bedouin in Abu Dhabi and grew up with camels and sheep. At an early age he discovered his talent with difficult camel bulls. Later in life, Ali joined the Royal Guard and began show jumping. He noticed that his skills with camels were as effective in training horses. Ali spent some time training horses in Australia and soon realized that his passion and skills with horses were incredibly unique. This master horseman has the unique accolade of preparing and performing in films like the Young Black Stallion for Walt Disney, and films for Arabic TV and advertisements like the Asian Games advert.

Celebrity Horseman

Ali Al Ameri is highly experienced at training horses in many conditions and requirements. From racehorses to aggressive horses as well as for movies and advertisements. Ali was an actor and horse trainer in the disney movie the ‘Young Black Stallion’, has featured Horsepower by Martin Clunes, trained and ridden the horses in the advertisement for the Asian Games Doha, to name a few. Ali Al Ameri is famous, taking his stallion Tayeb at liberty to Dubai Mall and the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi.


Ali Al Ameri



Plot No 3, Al Wathba - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates


Abu Dhabi International Airport

Rahal Ranch


Verified Listing

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates