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Rafael Soto Virtual Courses

Seville, Spain Verified Listing

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Learn with the Master of Dressage

Olympic Medalist Rafael Soto has shaped the world of dressage today. Anyone who is serious about dressage is familiar with the charisma and raw talent of Rafael Soto that radiates each time he canters into the arena on his trusted steed Invasor.

Rafael Soto has gained popularity and respect from dressage enthusiasts across the globe. Many of them dream of meeting him and learning his secrets.

With Cavago, we bring that opportunity to you. Book a virtual course and make your dream a reality.

Enhance Your Dressage Skills

Dressage goes beyond sitting astride a horse – it is in the steps you take with your equine partner, and these virtual lessons are the perfect way to inspire you to begin this journey.

According to Rafael Soto, there are only two kinds of dressage: the good, and the bad. Wherever you are with your riding, your horses, and your journey, let these lessons with the Maestro himself guide you to the right side of dressage.

Immerse yourself in the art of classical dressage in a lesson with Rafael. Your experience and level will be met with movements that will challenge you such as Passage, Piaffe, Pirouettes, Flying Changes and, of course, Spanish Walk.

Your personal journey and relationship with your horse is the focal point of your lessons. Through valuing this and providing the right training, Rafael Soto ensures you leap towards what he knows as the “good side” of dressage.


Good Dressage

Canter into Harmonious Balance with Your Horse

Virtual lessons with Rafael are perfect for equestrians who have a passion for dressage and are invested in improving their existing skills.

Balance is key in any work with horses. With Rafael Soto’s guidance, you will be taught how to strike the right balance. You will recognise your horse’s confidence, way of moving and be guided in how to work best with it. Nurture your relationship with your horse and reap the benefits of mutual training.

Experience the Magic for Yourself and Book a Virtual Dressage Lesson with Rafael Soto

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Perfect Balance


Rafael Soto Virtual Courses


Verified Listing

Seville, Spain