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Quinta do Fijó

Arcos de valdevez, Portugal Verified Listing

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Quinta do Fijo: A Unique Getaway to Peneda Geres National Park

Located in the heart of the Peneda Geres National Park (PNPG), Quinta do Fijo in Acros de Valdevez offers a perfect retreat to rest and experience equestrian art surrounded by a rural landscape. Our accommodation is equipped with all the necessary comforts to ensure a pleasant stay, and the proximity to nature adds to the unique natural beauty of the place.

Activities at Quinta do Fijo

Our farm offers a range of activities for our guests, including horseback riding and riding lessons, in addition to accommodation. With a focus on equestrian art, you can experience the beauty of the Peneda Geres National Park(PNPG) while learning new skills and enjoying the outdoors.


Experience the Untouched

The Peneda Geres National Park

The Peneda Geres National Park (PNPG) was established in 1971 and is part of the national network of protected areas managed by the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests. The park is home to relatively extensive ecosystems that remain largely untouched by man and boasts great biodiversity and natural values of interest for conservation. Covering an area of around 70,000 hectares, it spans five municipalities: Melgaço, Arcos Valdevez, Ponte da Barca, Terras de Bouro, and Montalegre. Geographically, the PNPG encompasses the plateau of Castro Loboreiro and the plateau of Mourela, with the mountains of Peneda, Amarela, and Geres situated in between. It is the only national park in Portugal.


A Comfortable Living Space

Garrano: An Endangered Species

The Garrano, a breed of horse found in the PNPG, originates in the prehistoric Iberian horse that was characteristic of the mountainous regions of the north of the Iberian Peninsula. These animals were small in stature, with low withers and straight back, and were widely used in ancient times as saddle horses for transporting people and goods, as well as in agricultural work. However, the breed has lost these skills and was abandoned in the Minho Mountains, leading it toward near extinction.

Today, the Garrana Breed is a candidate for National Heritage, intending to ensure the maintenance of an irreplaceable biological resource. According to Maria do Mar Oom, from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon and an Ambassador of the race in the application, the indigenous Garrana breed, in addition to its historical and cultural relevance, is an important reservoir of national genetic variability.


Quinta Do Fijó


Verified Listing

Arcos de valdevez, Portugal