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Quinta Do Falcao

Sao Pedro, Portugal Verified Listing

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Soak Up Portuguese Culture at Quinta do Falcão

Quinta do Falcão is situated within the gorgeous city of Tomar, nestled close to the thriving Ribatejo Meadow by the river Nabão. The city is teeming with culture and history and boasts an exuberant countryside treescape consisting of olive, pine and fig trees. It is a picturesque area to ride through and what better way to complete a gentle canter through the meadows than an exclusive wine-tasting and flamenco show organised by Quinta do Falcão’s onsite coordinators.
Quinta do Falcão is committed to making each one of their guests feel like part of the family. You will have the opportunity to explore the historical links the Salvador family has with their beautiful horses as well as marvel at the trophies and memorabilia the family have collected through the years. There’s even a dedicated children’s room to entertain your little ones!
Your time at Quinta do Falcão will be an unforgettable trip made even more special by the warm and caring hosts who are committed to your enjoyment!

Discover the Magic of Lusitano Horses

Native to Portugal, the Lusitano horse is a top-quality classical dressage horse known for its high intelligence, calm temperament and endearing personality. This wonderful breed largely populates Quinta do Falcão and each of their 20 horses is the ideal companion to any level of equestrian. Quinta do Falcão takes pride in their herd who are all well-schooled at varied disciplines and levels meaning you will be sure to team up with your perfect match.
With their long-flowing manes, powerful compact bodies and proud heads, you will be charmed and astounded by their beauty as you ride them through the fields of Quinta do Falcão – creating memories that will last a lifetime!


Meet expert trainers

Learn from a Dedicated Team of Passionate Equestrians

Being the principal trainer at Quinta do Falcão, Pedro Teixeira Farto is an equestrian who has devoted a large amount of time to developing his skills in Dressage, Working Equitation and Portuguese Classical Equitation. Pedro believes that horses are not simply a passion, but a lifestyle. This belief transcends to his reputation as an internationally renowned trainer who is dedicated and committed to the sport.
Discover the magic of Quinta do Falcão and learn from one of the best!


Admire the Portugese Countryside


Quinta Do Falcao


Verified Listing

Sao Pedro, Portugal