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Quinta Da Lagoalva

Alpiarça, Portugal

Horses in a Vineyard

Imagine cantering through vineyards and endless stretches of open fields. At Quinta da Lagoalva, feel completely united with nature on horseback, exploring the countryside and fields freely. Come and experience a soulful and freeing adventure like no other, riding through landscapes with rich tradition and history, weaving through cork oaks and centenary olive groves, along with other surprises you might uncover along the way with your trusty equine partner!

The Haras

‘The Haras’, referring to a stud farm, has its origins dating all the way back to the XVIII century in the Apostiça Estate, near the region of Sesimbra. There is very rich history to this property: In 1848 the Haras was transferred by the 2nd Duke of Palmela – Domingos de Sousa Holstein – to Quinta da Lagoalva. Nearly a century later, the mares at the property were bred with stallions of the National Coudelaria, and currently, they have even been bred with stallions participating in dressage competitions. It is indeed thrilling to be an equestrian interacting and riding these horses with such rich tradition and history, exploring the vineyards and farms with equally rich culture.

Riding in a Vineyard

Wine and Olive Oil

Certified as a wine producer in 1888, Quinta da Lagoalva was featured in the Portuguese Industry Exhibition, which was represented by 600 wooden casks. The 45 hectares of vineyards of Quinta da Lagoalva are located in the best “terroirs” of the Ribatejo region and comprise both national and international varieties of grapes with the best characteristics to produce excellent wines. The olive oil at da Lagoalva also finds in roots deeply entrenched in history and tradition – being planted around 200 years ago by the 2nd Duke of Palmela, the olive grove of Quinta da Lagoalva comprises a set of majestic olive trees of Italian origin and stands on sandy soils in of the Lezíria do Ribatejo region.

A Family-like Community

There are various events that take place through the course of the year, but they are all centered on offering a space for visitors to bond and share their experiences. Quinta da Lagoalva offers different sets of scenarios such as traditional lunches, as well as picnics under the century old olive grove. Horses bring people together, and that is what Quinta da Lagoalva aims to achieve.

Picturesque Picnics


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