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Quinta da Brôa

Azinhaga, Portugal Verified Listing

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Make your Tour Sublime in Quinta da Brôa

Quinta da Brôa with a 200 years old past studying and improving the Lusitano Horse, a complex agrarian dynamic and home for Veiga family, represents part of the Lusitano horse nest. Located in Azinhaga, rigth next to Golegã, all this region was the selected area for breeding and agricultural farms back in the days, but Quinta da Brôa is one of the biggest and oldest, marking the future with its achievements in the world of the Lusitano horse.

Where the Lusitano Horse is the leading figure

Coudelaria Veiga, located in Quinta da Brôa, was built expressly with the aim of gathering rare physical features on horses so they get warrior qualities for bullfighting years ago. This research and study ended up being amazingly successful among the Lusitano World, Coudelaria Veiga is now a reference in Lusitano genetics, and Veiga horses still are beautiful today, come visit them!


Discover Quinta da Broa

Be a Part of The Lusitano History

In Quinta da Brôa, you will see a classy Horse stable pass through the fully rebuilt indoor arena where you might find Manuel Veiga training his horses, full visitation of the old olive oil mill and the horse cart museum, and finally see the charming mares and foals at the pastureland that it's inserted in the Paul do Boquilobo Biosphere Reserve.


Enjoy a Guided Tour

Master Manuel Veiga

Quinta da Brôa is today very known, not just for its History, but for representing the scenarios behind the major player, Manuel Veiga. Being a main figure among riders in Portugal, Manuel entered World Equestrian Games in 2014 and 2018, with their Lusitano Ben Hur da Brôa. Today we fly watching his videos doing all kind of Dressage exercises without hands, bridle, saddle and some times nothing but him and the horse!


Quinta Da Brôa


Verified Listing

Azinhaga, Portugal

Activities at facility


Lusitano Stud Farm - Guided Visits

Quinta da Brôa
Azinhaga, Portugal
EUR 15.00