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Quinta Carvalhas

Casével, Portugal Verified Listing

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Quinta Carvalhas - The Green Farm

A sustainable working farm offering a range of retreats and venue spaces, a visit to this tranquil space will restore and rejuvenate you. Also named ‘The Green Farm’ because of the natural beauty of the property and the absence of chemicals, this extensive farm in the Ribatejo has everything you are looking for – a rolling landscape, gorgeous old stone buildings, plenty of trees and a lot of history. It is only an hour from the Lisbon airport and 90 minutes to the Atlantic Ocean.

This ideal location is complemented by ideal weather, with lots of sunshine and clear blue skies. The winters are usually sunny, making this the ideal location for retreats and workshops at any time of the year.

The horses are important team members, from the mini Shetlands: Janis and Toby, to the big Irish Draught horse, Mr. Blue, they all bring unique personalities and offerings to the peace and wellbeing of our visitors. Horse therapy and interactions are part of the wellness offerings.

Experiences at The Green Farm

A number of experiences that stimulate your body, mind and soul are on offer. Going for walks, attending yoga and meditation sessions, chilling next to the pool, riding mountain bikes on rural trails, walking across to the oak forest and swimming in the farm dam are available.

Our Equestrian Centre offers horse interactions and horse therapy. Interaction with horses is a calming activity that allows you to forget the world and just be yourself with some of our amazing horses. Toby and Janice, our mini Shetland ponies are perfect for children to get to know horses.

Everyone is welcome to come to meet our herd and learn a bit about horses and what they can teach you about yourself.


The Green Farm

Accommodation & Property

The Green Farm is a working farm where everything is natural and organic. Some of our olive trees are over 150 years old, and the production of pure olive oil is a proud tradition that continues today. While the olives are no longer pressed at the farm, the old olive mill is still intact and is an interesting part of the farm’s history.

Our luxurious rooms are individually decorated and full of history and charm. Rooms are divided over three different areas of the farm: Oak Lodge, Orchard Row and The Willows. The Quinta sleeps 32 guests when sharing, or 16 in private bedrooms.

Amenities at The Green Farm

Retreat facilities include a lounge, patio, and swimming pool, a meditation garden, a yoga studio, an outdoor yoga deck, a function hall and a health spa.

Other facilities for your rejuvenation and relaxation are communal lounge with fireplace, juice and coffee bar, fully equipped indoor yoga studio & outdoor yoga deck, covered veranda with floor to ceiling windows, spacious, tranquil meditation garden with winding walkways, benches and a koi pond with fountain, large pond with picnic area, extensive gardens and grass lawns, spa: massages, sound healing & Reiki.




By Car

90 Minutes by Car heading north of Lisbon Airport on the A1.
1 hour 20 mins from the center of Lisbon.

Quinta Carvalhas


Verified Listing

Casével, Portugal

Activities at facility


Meditation Walk with Horses (Duo, €30 per person) 90 mins

Quinta Carvalhas
Casével, Portugal
EUR 30.00

Meditation Walk with Horses (3-6 people, €20 per person) 90 mins

Quinta Carvalhas
Casével, Portugal
EUR 20.00

Yoga for Riders (Duo, €20 per person) 90 mins

Quinta Carvalhas
Casével, Portugal
EUR 20.00