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Princess Trails Horse Safaris

Udaipur, India Verified Listing

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Discover Rajasthan on Horseback

Horseback riding India is an extraordinary experience for it’s outstanding landscapes, its amazing architecture, its rich culture, the wildlife and a unique gastronomy. Travelling from ancient palaces to rustic temples, magnificent forts and lush forests, immerse yourself in the heart of India, a country full of nuances, wisdom and landscapes riding aboard the unique Marwari horse.

Horseback Riding

Rajasthan offers a unique and exotic charm. Its fascinating culture and an ancient history coupled with it’s exquisite architecture crafts an experience unlike any other. Mounted on horseback you can immerse yourself into an India where you can stay in old palaces and ancient fortresses, or camp in remote areas and visit colourful markets. Tables are laden with a variety of dishes: curries, paneer, dal, a selection of breads and chutneys. A truly authentic experience.


Horseback Riding

Rich History

Its history comprises battle and religion: today both Muslim and Rajput influences are part of its character, and its history of Rajput warriors is famous.

The Marwari Horse

Marwari horses are original to India, specifically the Marwar territory in Rajasthán. This breed is characterized by its intelligence, loyalty and courage and a very peculiar feature: their pointed, inward curved and touching ears that provide them with acute hearing. The Marwari breed was previously used as a warhorse, and was known for its bravery on the battlefield, serving the ruling families and warriors of the former feudal India. The Marwari horses represented the power of the Raj (King in Hindu language) and the feudal social structure in the country.


The Marwari Horse



Boheda Haveli, Near Lake Palace Road, Kala ji Gora ji Udaipur 313001 (Raj.) India

Princess Trails Horse Safaris


Verified Listing

Udaipur, India

Activities at facility


Mewar Trail, camping safari (10 days)

Princess Trails Horse Safaris
Udaipur, India
SGD 2,446.22

Castle-to-Castle Safari, overnight stay in hotels (7 days)

Princess Trails Horse Safaris
Udaipur, India
SGD 2,868.56