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Podere Val D’Orcia - Tuscany Equestrian Centro Ippico & Country Resort

Sarteano, Italy Verified Listing

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PODERE VAL D'ORCIA - Health Greenhouse

UNESCO World Heritage Site, park of the stars, PODERE VAL D’ORCIA embraces the surrounding environment and turns into a HEALTH GREENHOUSE capable of invigorating body and soul. Those who choose PODERE VAL D’ORCIA are not afraid to travel 12km of white dirt but nourish the desire to live memorable experiences in contact with the exclusive silence and unimaginable landscape recognized all over the world. Our Country Resort extends along the slopes of a hill and we are a hotel spread on 3 villas: On the highest point is our main building TUSCANY where we have the reception, some rooms the TUSCANY EQUESTRIAN with our stables and the RESTAURANT EXTRAVERGINE with an infinity view on the Tuscan hills; 600 meters further downstream are our BORGO and PANORAMICO farmhouses, near the PANORAMIC SWIMMING POOL (available from early June) and our completely renovated PRIVATE SPA.

TUSCANY EQUESTRIAN - Prestigious Equestrian Center

Our Tuscany Equestrian center is a luxury riding school in Tuscany completely surrounded by the breathtaking views of Val d'Orcia: an ideal place for amateurs and agonists. Equipped with all the necessary equipment for training and for the well-being of horses, it offers a spectacular experience in close contact with nature right in the heart of the Tuscan countryside.




For our HORSE RIDING ACTIVITIES are for both EXPERTS and BEGINNERS: Horse riding is accessible for people aged 14 and over; lessons from everyone. We inform you that is possible to book 1h or 2h HORSE BACK RIDING activity; 3h HORSE BACK RIDING (only for expert). THE WALKS ARE IN STEP in any case for any level of experience. In the case that you wish to gallop and trot, it is possible to add and dedicate a LESSON in our rectangle also arranged with bars for show jumping. During the appointment it will be the instructor who will decide according to your experience the best route for you as the Val d'Orcia is a territory famous for its ups and downs and dirt roads. For LESSONS is it possible to do it in the morning or in the afteroon and if the people are Beginners, it would be preferable to have 1 hour of lessons before the walk. It is not necessary but it would be very useful. For the CHILDREN we have both the pony (LUNA) and horses suitable for lessons, usually 1h, in our wonderful rectangle or round, where we're getting organized for the new season with games suitable for their age so we're sure they'll have fun.





IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We are in a unique and uncontaminated place, Unesco heritage, La Val d’Orcia: to get to us, from wherever you arrive, you will encounter 12km of white road. Tuscany is famous for its white streets, and if they weren't preserved, even Tuscany would not be so beautiful! So you will inevitably find some dust and you will have to be especially careful if you have a low car or a street bike. CALL US first for further information, in case you do not feel safe, and we recommend that you only follow the roads marked with our signs: from Sarteano, after leaving the paved road and at the junction of the two dirt roads, always follow the left. WE RECOMMEND that you insert in Google Maps "Podere Val d’Orcia-Tuscany Equestrian Via Val d’Orcia, 4 53047 Sarteano (SI)" or "via Val d’Orcia 4 - Sarteano".

Podere Val D’orcia - Tuscany Equestrian Centro Ippico & Country Resort


Verified Listing

Sarteano, Italy

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Podere Val D’Orcia - Tuscany Equestrian Centro Ippico & Country Resort
Sarteano, Italy
EUR 650.00