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Pink Caravan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Verified Listing

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What is the Pink Caravan?

The Pink Caravan is a charity organisation that aims to spread awareness about the importance of self breast examination amongst the UAE community, through equestrianism as a sport. At several locations in the UAE, riders clad in pink vests and helmets ride in support of dispelling myths associated with breast cancer in relation to the UAE community, and even raising awareness about the need for increased access to clinical breast examinations. As a whole, the Pink Caravan is an organisation that champions for the improved standards of breast cancer screening, and treatment within the UAE.

Ride for Pink Caravan 2021

This is a cause closely linked to horses, riding and equestrian sport. While many charities and foundations have participants walk or march for a particular cause, the Pink Caravan has selected riders and their fellow equine partners to champion for this particular cause. Horses, being very special animals that bond very closely with their human counterparts, are the perfect choice to support a cause that is currently rather underrepresented globally.


Riding for a Cause

Cavago’s Relationship with the Cause

Before the conception of Pink Caravan’s 2021 equine route, Cavago had already been the organisation’s partner in supporting its cause to raise awareness about the necessity of breast cancer self-examination. By being a sponsor and even volunteering in the Pink Caravan’s 2020 Ride, Cavago is proud to be part of the record number of 11,000 free screenings that Pink Caravan provided following its campaign in 2020.

How You Can Contribute

2021’s Pink Caravan ride will indeed be a special one – beyond having the rides take place within the UAE, Cavago is delighted to unite equestrian facilities from all over the world to support this cause. Regardless of where you are, you can support this cause by purchasing any of the Pink Caravan Hosts’ offers for the 2021 ride. Here at Cavago, we are united by our love for horses, and we want to extend that by being united by contributing to such a meaningful cause too.


Supporting Women


Pink Caravan


Verified Listing

Dubai, United Arab Emirates