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PHR Equestrian

Madrid, Spain Verified Listing

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PHR Equestrian

With the birth of the PHR Equestrian School, Pablo Hernández Romero has managed to achieve one of his main dreams.
On the one hand, he has managed to be an international equestrian rider. Currently, he competes with his horses Unique and Ezra.
And on the other hand and as a maximum satisfaction, he is a teacher and riding coach.
In his classes, Pablo transmits to his students the knowledge and values of the equestrian world, as well as the importance of teamwork.
Connect to the heart of Spain and enjoy an amazing horse-riding experience in stunning Madrid at the PHR Equestrian Center. Feel the thrill of your very first ride or train for your biggest competition yet at this trusted full-service center.

Pablo Hernández Romero Pofile

"It's easy to talk to a horse if you understand its language".
The international rider, Pablo Hernández Romero, has always been very clear that his life would revolve around his true passion: horses. From a very young age he began to ride in the facilities of the CDSCM La Dehesa.
When he finished his studies, he decided to train to dedicate himself professionally to the teaching of the different equestrian disciplines. His credentials are;
1. He is a Professor and Coach of Technical Sports Riding Level III;
2. He has the Certification of Pedagogical Adaptation and complementary training as a Galloping Examiner Technician and Track Manager as a designer of obstacle course at the territorial level;
3.From 2011 to 2018 he was a shareholder and technical director of the company awarded the Aula Hípica de la Dehesa;
4. He conducts training courses of Middle and Higher Grade in various equestrian centers.


Show Jumping

Personalised Classes

Pablo personally interviews each new rider to understand their level and expectations so he can provide the optimal equestrian experience. PHR Equestrian Centre makes it easy for you to learn and your learning is the focus of each lesson.
Show Jumping classes are taught by Pablo himself who is an international jump rider.
Enjoy exclusive rides on competition horses, Grand Prix horses and school horses.

Top-Class Facilities at PHR Equestrian Centre

This incredible service-orientated center has first-class training tracks lit up by LED technology and includes a semi-covered track, an outdoor track, a winding track and a gallop track. Raise your standards in this stunning center and enjoy the view of the picturesque El Pardo Mountain in the background.




Rejuvenate in the artistic excellence of Madrid. The beating heart of Spain is full of culture and truly unique compared to other cities in Europe.
Easily accessible and only 10km from PHR Equestrian Centre you won’t have to venture too far before you experience the charm of Madrid for yourself. Feel captivated by the elegance of Renaissance masterpieces in one of the many breath-taking art museums.
Sip on a café con leche in Plaza de Opera or take on a tantalising tapas tour through La Latina.
Madrid has something to offer any type of tourist and is a perfect respite that complements a trip to PHR Equestrian Centre.
PHR Equestrian Centre itself is also well-located in the suburbs of Madrid and offers proximity to tourist attractions like Palacio del Pardo or Cristo del Pardo. Unwind with a sweet sangria in one of the many restaurants that surround the center. Or simply enjoy the other sports on offer at the fully integrated family sports club on Monte de El Pardo.



Pablo Hernández Romero trains and prepares his competitions at the Club el Tejar de Somontes.
This is 20 minutes from the center of Madrid.
15 minutes from the city of Moncloa.


The closest airport is - Adolfo Suarez Airport – Madrid - Spain.
The facility is 20 minutes by car from the airport.


There is a bus service from Moncloa.
The facility is 8 minutes away taking bus nº 601.

Phr Equestrian


Verified Listing

Madrid, Spain