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Pátio do Tejo

Moita, Portugal Verified Listing

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Find Your Feet on a Trail Ride at Pátio do Tejo

Discover your passion at Pátio do Tejo and feel safe learning in an environment where you and your riding experience are the focus. Rejuvenate away from the stresses of everyday life. Switch off from the non-stop pinging of notifications, emails and phone calls and focus on connecting with yourself through your love for horses.

Whether you’re a beginner just learning to ride or a confident rider looking for a memorable horseback beach tour with a charming companion, Patio do Tejo has something for you!

Unwind with a Sunset Beach Ride on the Coast of Moita

Moita was originally a fishing village and is now a calm, stunning refuge on the coast that boasts an array of sun-soaked beaches perfect for a romantic horseback ride! Enjoy a stunning coastal backdrop while you take in the last few hours of sun during a gentle trail ride.


Come riding on an exciting trip with Patio do Tejo

Learn to Ride and More at Pátio do Tejo

Pátio do Tejo offers “Equestrian Baptism” for all those interested in learning how to ride. Young or old, all beginners will learn to ride in a safe and supported environment in Pátio do Tejo’s own arena. The ideal location to be introduced to the horse world. Feel reassured with the beautiful well-natured horses at this site who will offer an added sense of calm for novice riders.

Make the most of your time off the horse too, Pátio do Tejo even offers visitors private tapas experiences. Immerse yourself in the flavourful delicacies Moita has to offer.

Something for Everyone at Pátio do Tejo

A unique aspect of riding at Pátio do Tejo is that they even have their onsite farm shop selling their own branded products. Sample the tantalising treats on offer including an assortment of cheeses, sausages, fruits, brea and more! (Beverages not Included on the price). Request a homemade, private picnic to enjoy on the beach and make your horse-riding experience more perfect than you could ever imagine!


Join us for a trek across the beach with a picnic afterwards!


Pátio Do Tejo


Verified Listing

Moita, Portugal

Activities at facility


Horse Ride Private Tour with Picnic on the beach with Tapas/Snacks

Pátio do Tejo
Moita, Portugal
EUR 190.00

Equestrian Baptism - Perfect introduction to horses

Pátio do Tejo
Moita, Portugal
EUR 30.00

Carriage Ride - with Tapas/Snacks

Pátio do Tejo
Moita, Portugal
EUR 67.85