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Pateo Lusitano

Encarnação, Portugal Verified Listing

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Riding Lessons at Páteo Lusitano

Learn to ride in the serenity of the countryside at Páteo Lusitano, located in Ferreira, Lisboa, Portugal, where you will be provided with the best conditions for you and your horse in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Páteo Lusitano gives you an exceptional learning experience in a safe and comfortable environment, which is perfect for beginner riders. They also have other services to offer such as horse accommodation, horse initiation and equestrian internships.

Unearthing Freiria's Ancient Treasures

Freiria, a place steeped in history, bears the traces of human habitation that date back through the ages. The enduring legacy of this area persists, from the closing chapters of the 1st Iron Age to its continued occupation during the transitional phase into the 2nd Iron Age, coinciding briefly with Roman presence. Radiocarbon dating has revealed artifacts dating back to the latter half of the 10th century BCE, underscoring the area's historical significance.


. Freiria's captivating archaeological tapestry, with its layers of history, makes it an intriguing destination for both history enthusiasts and riders seeking to explore the region's rich past on horseback.


A facility where you can learn

Stunning Horses for Sale

Along with riding lessons and other services, Páteo Lusitano also has some of the most beautiful horses looking for new owners. All of their Lusitano stallions have ridden in the three gaits and are trained in doing lateral exercises as well as flying changes. They are also very easygoing and friendly horses that are perfect for riders of all levels. Make sure not to miss out on this offer, and follow Páteo Lusitano on their website for more information.


Beginners Made Experts

Equestrian Internships

Páteo Lusitano offers equestrian internships for different levels of knowledge, with different objectives set according to the individual experience of each participant. These internships are open during school vacation periods so that students can easily avail them and include the whole relationship with horseback riding. Participants will be given a whole range of experiences, from basic tasks such as cleaning and caring for horses and equipment, to horse equipment and the correct handling of equipment, as well as riding lessons appropriate to the level of riding experience. Follow Páteo Lusitano on their website for more information on this offer.


Pateo Lusitano


Verified Listing

Encarnação, Portugal

Activities at facility


Monthly Riding Lesson (4 Lessons Per Week)

Pateo Lusitano
Encarnação, Portugal
SGD 385.15

Monthly Riding Lesson (3 Lessons Per Week)

Pateo Lusitano
Encarnação, Portugal
SGD 288.87

Single Riding Lesson

Pateo Lusitano
Encarnação, Portugal
SGD 32.09