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Okapuka Horse Safaris

Döbra, Namibia Verified Listing

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Lodge Based Safari and Endurance Rides

Ingeborg and her team at Okapuka offer both safari and endurance rides for advanced riders out of her thatched roof lodge. Okapuka is nestled at the foot of the Auas mountains near Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. Here, you can ride among herds of giraffe, wildebeest and antelope and see many other animals such as rhino and cheetah! This riding safari is also ideal for families or non-riding partners who can join any of the normal safari activities on offer at the lodge.

Easy to Reach Location in Namibia

Okapuka is located 30 kilometers from Windhoek and its international airport on the country’s central plateau. Namibia is known for its achingly beautiful and diverse landscape, it’s geological formations and its arid, often desertic climate. It is also a very safe and politically stable country, as suited for independent travel as any in Africa.


Arabians Trained for Endurance

The most important part of any ride is a trusty, responsive and well trained steed to ensure an enjoyable and exciting, yet safe experience. Okapuka has chosen Arabians as their designated breed because of their even temperament, sure footedness and stamina. Many of these horses have competed successfully in endurance rides on both the national and international level, and some have also excelled in the show ring. The horses receive great care, with daily turnout where they can just be horses—to keep their mind and spirit alive! As part of the experience, you will be expected to groom and tack up your own horse. This creates a bond between horse and rider that both parties will rely on during the day’s adventures. When you return from your ride you will be asked to assist in showering your horse prior to enjoying that well earned drink at the bar!

Safari Rides

You will ride an average of 4 hours a day, in small groups (max 6) through a combination of savannah and rocky mountains. Riders will be able to observe all kinds of wildlife in their natural habitat! Enjoy the incredible scenery and landscape as you ride through the 20,000 hectares private game ranch and adjacent properties. Some rides will be on mountainous trails, with extraordinary views, but fewer game sightings. Others may go through the flat savannah where you will be able to get up close and personal with a variety of animals, such as white rhino, giraffe, eland, gemsbok, kudu, wildebeest, waterbucks, black-backed jackals, zebras, and many more! The luckiest visitors will even catch sightings of cheetah, leopard or hyena in their natural habitat! The trails are designed to create as much variation as possible, with a focus on the quality of riding.


Endurance Rides and Competitions

Riders interested in endurance will be able to train for, and participate in international competitions offered in Namibia. All rides follow FEI guidelines. Being fit, experienced, and adventurous is obviously a must! You don’t need to be an endurance rider prior to this stay, as you will receive instructions and guidance from the professionals who will train you for the competition. You will be partnered with two horses: one for your endurance training as well as the competition, and one for the safari rides. Obviously this experience is only for very fit and experienced riders. Careful, given the nature of the terrain and the size of the horses, Okapuka enforces stringent rider weight limits of 85 Kg for the safari rides and 75kg for endurance competitions.



P.O. Box 5955 Windhoek, Namibia, located along the Atlantic Coast of Southern Africa, Okapuka is in the Namib desert.


There are direct flights from Amsterdam to Windhoek and from Frankfurt to Windhoek . Qatar Airways opened flights from Doha to Windhoek. Other airline companies fly from all major European cities to Johannesburg and from Johannesburg to Windhoek. Once you've arrived at Windhoek Hosea Kutako you can be picked up and brought to Okapuka Horse Safaris which is approx. an hour’s drive.

Okapuka Horse Safaris


Verified Listing

Döbra, Namibia

Activities at facility


Endurance Riding Week (7 Nights, Individual Pricing)

Okapuka Horse Safaris
Döbra, Namibia
SGD 3,975.45

Supplement for Riders Weighing more than the Maximum Weight

Okapuka Horse Safaris
Döbra, Namibia
SGD 703.46

Safari Week (7 Days, 4 Hours per day Riding - Individual Pricing)

Okapuka Horse Safaris
Döbra, Namibia
SGD 3,975.00