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Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center

Fall City, United States Verified Listing

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Master Horse Riding With Us!

Come enroll at the Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center (NWNHC) to avail their fantastic selection of horsemanship courses and all the exciting opportunities they have in store for young riders. Whether you want to learn the basics of natural horsemanship or spend a fun educational summer at the NWNHC, their facility has it all.


The Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center aims to bring natural horsemanship to horse people of all ages, riding styles and disciplines. The campus holds sessions on natural horsemanship, as well as foundational training courses for new riders. It also conducts seminars on natural equine health and management practices, hosts clinics with internationally renowned clinicians, holds equine play days and competitions, and offers week-long camps for children. Additionally, our NWNHC Store offers trainer-tested natural horsemanship equipment, equine nutrition products and official NWNHC clothing. Customers can shop online or at our retail location in Fall City, Wash.


Come learning riding with us at Northwest Natural Horsemanship Centre

Stellar Horse Boarding Facility

NWNHC provides its students with a horse boarding facility where they can share their learning and enjoyment of their horses in a supportive environment, with like-minded individuals. We run our facility based on the best husbandry practices; our horses are turned out in mixed herds, environmentally sensitive waste reduction and composting practices are used, holistic horse health and alternative therapies are common, and all staff are trained in natural horsemanship horse handling techniques. The facility is based in a beautiful pastoral setting where horses live together naturally in mixed herds just like they do in the wild. Boarders can also enjoy the peaceful pastures away from the bustle of city life.

Honing the Skills of Young Riders

One of the goals of NWNHC is to focus on young riders who are just beginning to explore their love for horses and help develop their skills so that they can take care of a horse on their own one day. Our summer camps for kids are the perfect opportunity for this! Not only do the kids learn horse riding, we also teach them the responsibilities of horse ownership, how to be safe around horses, and how to build a partnership with the horse through leadership. Children will also gain a deeper understanding of horses on a personal level and learn how to communicate with their horse. Our camps provide a chance for kids to showcase their creativity as well through innovative art projects where they learn how to express their love of horses.


Take care of your horses at our beautiful boarding facility



The center is located on the SE Issaquah Fall City Road between 329th PI SE and 330th PI SE. It is near the Raging River and the Twin Rivers Golf Course Pond.

Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center


Verified Listing

Fall City, United States

Activities at facility


Wrangler Club

Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center
Fall City, United States
SGD 165.88

Kids Camp II

Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center
Fall City, United States
SGD 729.87

Planning Your Horse Farm - HC102 (Shared)

Northwest Natural Horsemanship Center
Fall City, United States
SGD 464.46