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Nibepo Aike

El Calafate, Argentina Verified Listing

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Soak Up the Essence of a Patagonian Estancia at Nibepo Aike

For generations, this rural ranch has been centred around breeding sheep, Hereford cattle, and horses. Activity at the ranch begins at dawn, when the first rays of sunlight hit the property. The day begins with cow milking and sheep herding, but guests will get to experience so much more. Those interested can take part in horse reining or ride to the magical Hidden Glaciers. Riders can pick between a day-long adventure or a horseback getaway lasting for several days.

Canter Through Los Glaciares National Park

Located in Southern Argentina, Nibepo Aike is situated inside Los Glaciares National Park. Visitors will be able to experience the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the vast glaciers and the mountain peaks. Three large lakes can be found inside the Park, formed from the strenuous pressure of ancient ice mixed with current thaw. The low lakes, enormous glaciers, and steep mountains reflect the unique aspects of this Argentinian landscape.


Our Gorgeous Gentle Giants

Saddle up for a Day Working on the Ranch

Visitors will get to learn what it takes to run a working ranch. Work on this authentic estancia starts at the crack of dawn and ends at sundown, with sheep and cattle freely roaming the property. Farming activities include cattle branding, milking, sheep shearing and herding. Visitors will also be able to ride for 3+ hours and watch demonstrations of typical argentine gaucho riding, a style similar to Western cattle work.

Explore Los Glaciares on Horseback

Those who chose to adventure through Nibepo Aike on horseback will be partnered with a suitable Criollo, the native horse of the Pampas. The highlight of this experience comprises riding across vast terrain, which is the Criollos natural environment. Traveling across fields, over hills, and along lakes, being able to see the beauty of Los Glaciares from the back of a horse is truly an exhilarating and breath-taking experience.


A Lovely Patagonian Countryside

Enjoy Activities off Horseback

There’s something for everyone at Nibepo Aike, even those who don’t ride! Of course, in such a stunning location you will still want to explore the magnificent Glaciers and the countryside. Nibepo offers a range of activities off horseback too. From hiking on foot and having a hand at the activities on the ranch, they also offer programmes that will allow you to sail out to the glaciers and explore the outposts.



Nibepo Aike has been around for over a century. Located inside Los Glaciares National Park, Nibepo Aike is a Patagonian ranch. It is an hour and a half drive from El Calafate in a scenic valley, which overlooks Lago Roca.

Nibepo Aike


Verified Listing

El Calafate, Argentina

Activities at facility


Riding to Deep Nibepo (4D/3N) - Flexible Departures

Nibepo Aike
El Calafate, Argentina
USD 2,042.00

Nibepo Plus Program (5D/4N) - Low Season

Nibepo Aike
El Calafate, Argentina
USD 1,871.00

Low Season: Nibepo Classic Program (Single Superior Room)

Nibepo Aike
El Calafate, Argentina
USD 236.66